Adding more plants into your life—whether it’s adopting a plant-based diet or taking more walks in the park—is always good. Reconnecting with nature lends awareness for the planet and its biggest challenge: Climate Change.

Here are ways to be more plant-involved:

1. Go vegetarian (or at least try)
Going vegetarian (or just trying) supports the plant-production industry, which is low on greenhouse gas emissions. You don’t have to go full-on vegan: eating more greens is a start!

2. Buy what's in season
Fruits and veggies don’t grow year-round. Knowing which are in season is helpful in planning weekly menus. In-season produce is also cheaper.

3. Grow your own food

You can start with herbs, and slowly grow your garden to include leafy greens. Herbs are great for flavoring food, which is a plus for home cooks!

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You don’t have to go full-on vegan: eating more greens is a start!

4. Get indoor plants, or take more walks
Getting a potted plant or two not only spruces up a room—it also helps clean the air. Not a plantito /plantita? No worries: taking a neighborhood stroll or even going for an afternoon run near nature can be beneficial for the mental state.

5. Wear more natural fibers

They are more breathable, comfortable, and at times sturdier than synthetic fibers.

Turning over a new leaf and starting a plant-based lifestyle may be daunting at first, but it isn’t impossible. It’s also a healthier choice not only for you, but also for the planet.

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