An energy-efficient home uses less power—and in turn, creates less greenhouse gas emissions. This effect multiplies as more homes become more power consumption-conscious.

Here are five quick and easy energy-saving changes you can make to keep your energy consumption low.

1. Invest now, save later
LED bulbs and energy-efficient appliances may cost more, but they use less power. Smart appliances are a smart choice, too, because they use less electricity and can be programmed to switch off when not in use.

2. Go natural
Lower your electric bill by opening windows to let the breeze come in, or us​e​ natural light by drawing the curtains.

3. Switch off
Switch off appliances and gadgets when not in use, and turn off the TV and lights when you're about to sleep. If you’re not going to use appliances for an extended period, unplug them to avoid “vampire” energy or consumption.

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LED bulbs and energy-efficient appliances may cost more, but they use less power. Smart appliances are a smart choice, too.

4. Laundry: fully loaded
A small load of clothes requires the same power as a full load, so make full use of your machine's capacity. If it's bright and sunny, dry your clothes naturally. When it’s time for ironing, go through one big batch instead of a small one --ironing small batches can use more power because the iron needs to warm up before each session.

5. Well-maintained means well-saved
Clean machines are efficient machines. For example, refrigerators and air-conditioning units use more power when they're not regularly cleaned. Regular clean- and tune-ups will keep them humming and energy-efficient.

Living sustainably doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple energy-saving strategies done at home can move us closer to a sustainable future.

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