Getting started on a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t need to be drastic or expensive. Start small and simple, and go from there.

Think: Paper.

Currently, paper production clocks in at 420,000,000 tons per year. This global demand takes up a lot of trees and water (it takes 2-13 liters to produce a single A4-size sheet).

We seldom notice our paper consumption at home, but look closer: the takeout menus stuck to the fridge, paper towels on the counter, printed bills...the list goes on.

Here are some ways you can make your home paper-free, or at least paper-light:

1. Start a recycling bin
Collect used paper in a container that's marked for recycling (or composting, if you're up for it). You can also use scratch paper and old newspapers for wrapping gifts, art projects, and more.

2. Think before you print
If you really need to print on paper, proofread before clicking 'print'. Printing on both sides can help halve paper consumption. As an added tip, use paper clips instead of staples so sheets can be reused as scratch paper before finally making their way to the recycling bin.

single-quote single-quote

It takes 2-13 liters to produce a single A4-size sheet.

3. Bring tote bags and tumblers
A tote bag is a sturdier and more sustainable choice compared to paper bags. When eating out, refuse single-use paper cups and use your own tumbler.

4. Go paperless
Opt-in to BPI e-statements and use the BPI app for online payments. Manage your bills fast and easy, from the comfort of your couch!


There’s no quick way to help save the forests, but choosing BPI e-Statements is a good place to start your paperless journey. Small acts make a bigger impact when done together. So, (digitally) take note of these tips and pass them around!

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