Donations go a long way into supporting groups, foundations and organizations that aim to help marginalized sectors, underserved communities, and the environment. By giving aid to any of these groups, you help support a cause, a community, or fellow kababayans survive and thrive through challenges, environmental disasters, and global and local inequalities.

Giving back through a charitable donation is a smart way to be part of the sustainability movement.

As a BPI client, you can donate today. Just tap on the BPI app and follow these steps:

1. Swipe up on the log in screen and look for BPI eDonate or visit the BPI eDonate website.

2. Select a foundation or charity to donate to and fill out a quick form.

3. Confirm the donation and you’re done!

With BPI eDonate, any amount can help make a big difference. Know more about BPI eDonate and donate now.

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