Here are two ways that you can check your balance at the ATM without printing the receipt.

Check your balance onscreen instead of printing

Before you press “Yes” to printing the withdrawal receipt to check your account balance, try this alternative.

Tap “view your account balance” on screen! It shows your account balance in real-time.

Sign up for ATM withdrawal alerts

Get an email or SMS notification whenever you withdraw pre-selected amounts from a BPI ATM. Here’s how:

1. Log in to BPI Online on your desktop browser.

2. Select “Account Maintenance” on the lefthand menu.

3. Under “Debit Card Alerts," select “Edit” on “Withdrawal Alerts."

4. Set your status to “Enable."

5. Select the minimum amount you wish to be notified for and if you would like to be notified through email, SMS, or both.

If you prefer to continue to print your ATM receipts, remember to dispose of it properly. Small steps make a big difference! What other habits can you change?

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