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Jun 11, 2024

Cashless payments have gained wider acceptance among Filipinos, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. According to studies by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the share of digital payments by volume in the Philippines rapidly increased from 2018 to 2022.1,2 Of the various cashless payment methods, the e-wallet has gained a strong following, with nine of ten Filipinos saying they use it, based on research by global payments firm Visa in late 2023.3


E-wallets have become popular because of their convenience, enabling users to pay with their mobile phones anytime, anywhere in the country. BPI offers a unique e-wallet experience with VYBE, which not only offers cashless transactions but also rewards you can enjoy.

Getting started on VYBE

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to installing VYBE:

1. Download it on Google Play or the App Store

2. Follow the instructions on how to register

3. When you're done registering, type in your four-digit MPIN to log in.


Once inside the home screen, you'll see the VYBE eWallet and BPI Rewards buttons on the top of the screen, right below the VYBE logo.

VYBE's home screen

single-quote single-quote

BPI offers a unique e-wallet experience with VYBE, which not only offers cashless transactions but also rewards you can enjoy.


The good news is that VYBE is open to both BPI and non-BPI clients, so everyone can sign up and get a chance to enjoy the app’s features and benefits.

VYBE as an e-wallet

Cashing in

Adding money to your VYBE e-wallet is easy.


If you're a BPI client:

1. Tap on the VYBE eWallet box on the home screen

2. Tap Add Money

3. Select the BPI account you wish to draw your money from

If you don't have a BPI account:

1. Go to your bank’s app

2. Indicate that you're transferring money to BPI

3. Type your VYBE-linked mobile number, which serves as your account number


Example: If your registered mobile number on VYBE is 09171234567, then type it as the BPI account number.


Here’s a tip: If it’s your first time adding money in VYBE, you’ll automatically earn 250 BPI Rewards Points!


You may also receive money on VYBE from BPI or non-BPI clients in two ways:

• Ask the sender to input your VYBE-registered number; or

• Ask the sender to scan your VYBE QR code


To generate your VYBE QR code:

1. Tap the QR icon on the home screen

2. Tap My Code


Other transactions you can do with your VYBE e-wallet

Once you’ve cashed in, you can do the following transactions:

TransactionQuick guide
Pay merchants via QR code
  • Earn 500 BPI Points on your first scan-to-pay transaction
  • Earn 100 BPI Rewards points for every succeeding scan-to-pay transaction worth at least Php 150.
Send money to other VYBE users
  • Earn 250 BPI Rewards Points on your first send money transaction
Send money to other e-wallets and banks
  • Log in to VYBE and tap “VYBE eWallet”
  • Choose “Send to Bank,” then enter the account name and account number or scan a personal QR code
Pay bills
  • Earn 100 BPI Points for every eligible payment
Cash out
  • To your BPI account/s
  • Through cardless withdrawals at selected ATMs nationwide

If you’re short on cash, you can request money from other VYBE users, too.

1. On the VYBE eWallet screen, type Request Money

2. Type the mobile number of the VYBE user you’ll be asking for money from

3. Type the amount that you’ll be requesting

4. Once done, tap Next

VYBE as a hub for BPI Rewards

More than just an e-wallet, VYBE also houses BPI Rewards – the Bank’s loyalty program. BPI Rewards offers a wide range of rewards you can enjoy for dining, shopping, travel, and other services.


You'll find a list of both trending and featured rewards on the home screen. But if you want to see the complete list of rewards you can redeem with VYBE, simply follow these steps:

1. Tap on the BPI Rewards box

2. On the BPI Rewards screen, tap on the right arrow opposite "All Rewards"

3. On the All Rewards screen, choose from the list of rewards

The BPI Rewards screen provides a list of rewards you can choose to redeem.

If you are already looking for a reward from a specific partner merchant, you may choose to do any of the following:

• Type a keyword associated with your chosen merchant in the search box

• Sort and filter the list according to

o Low to high reward points

o High to low reward points, or

o Alphabetical order


Once you've chosen your reward, tap on it, then tap Redeem Reward. You will then receive your e-gift certificate under the My Rewards tab in VYBE, as well as via SMS and e-mail. Visit the BPI Rewards page to learn more about redeeming your points.


With its easy-to-use payment features and hub for freebies, VYBE provides a rewarding experience from which you can benefit. So, get into the VYBE today!

1 “State of Digital Payments in the Philippines,” Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and Better Than Cash Alliance, 2019,
2 “2022 Status of Digital Payments,” Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas,
3 “Consumer Payment Attitudes Study,” Visa, Inc., 2024,
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