You spend more time in your bedroom than almost anywhere else. It’s your sacred space. Having a good nights sleep not only makes you feel good but it makes you look good, too. (Fact: adequate sleep can slow down the physical effects of aging.)

With so much time spent in the bedroom, it’s important to make sure it has the right look and feel for you. Choosing your colors and furniture is crucial — you’ll be stuck with it for a while.

Read on for a quick guide to key pieces you should consider for your space and some tips on deciding which ones to splurge on.

1. When it comes to the bed, size matters

Single, double, queen or king? One of the biggest (literally) decisions you will make is choosing a bed size. This is the focal point of the space so consider the size of the room and who will be sharing this with you.

It’s not just the actual size of the bed — it’s also the effect of the bigness or smallness on the aisles, and whether the bed eliminates any other useful space in the room. Measure your space beforehand, think of the other furniture you’ll be adding. Answer questions like, do you have kids and will they be constant guests? Take a look at this handy guide for a visual reference on the effect of a bed on typical studio space.

The size of the bed can often dictate whether or not you can fit another large item in the room such as a sofa or desk, so consider the space carefully.

2. Mattress, sheets, and pillows

Consider how you sleep and see how much you are willing to spend on your duvets and pillows. This is a very important aspect of your bedroom, not in terms of look but of use and comfort. When picking a mattress make sure it has good support and comfort. There are pocket spring mattresses available that give great value for money but before buying, it’s best to try and feel the mattress and decide if has the right firmness and support for you.

For pillows, traditional fiberfill pillows and memory foams are readily available and provide good value. Study your sleep patterns and see what level of firmness and size of pillow provides you with the best feeling in the morning.

3. Sheets for keeps

Many people disregard the importance of nice soft sheets. When buying, make sure the materials are of good quality. Look at the stitching and see if the size is just right for your pillows and mattress. Consider also what kind of accessories you will need. Match your sheets with the theme of your bedroom. Light and dainty colors are always easy on the eyes.

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Many people disregard the importance of nice soft sheets. When buying, make sure the materials are of good quality.

4. Storage and Accessories

Do you have a lot of clothes and shoes? If you have limited space, consider beside tables with drawers and sliding cabinets. A chest can double as an accent table and your shoe storage as well.

Often disregarded are mirrors and dressing tables: will you need a full length mirror or just a regular one?

5. Lighting

Lighting can help you set the mood of your space. Make sure to set up lighting that’s not too harsh or jarring to the senses. Pick something that is relaxing and don’t forget to consider side lamps or spotlight for your bedtime reading.

6. Decorate

Throws, rugs, and cushions can work to inject your personality in the room. Do you have space for a sofa or a lounge chair? Mix and match your throws and rugs and see what works well for your furniture and the theme you’re trying to achieve.

Most of all always remember that your bedroom should be clean and well organized. This generally helps you be in a relaxed, zen-like mood. A perfect way to end your day at home.


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