No part of the house gets a beating more than the kitchen: we cook in it, eat in it, and sometimes we even just hang out in it. This is why it’s not surprising that you’d want to renovate it to repair certain worn-out elements or bring its overall style up-to-date to ensure it continues to sustain your cooking, eating, and hanging-out needs for years to come. The problem with a home renovation project is it involves money, and depending on how extensive the task is, it could end up costing you a lot.

Bad news, right? Not necessarily. A makeover for this beloved part of the home shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg as long you know how to prioritize. has put together these tips on renovating your kitchen for as little money as possible.

Paint the Blues Away

A brand-new color splashed across the walls is the quickest way to get the biggest impact for a small amount of money, which is great news for those who are on a very strict budget. Colors have a way of projecting a different look and feel, so choose wisely. Want a kitchen that will increase your appetite? Go with a nice shade of red on kitchen cabinet doors. For a cheerful-looking kitchen, brush some yellow on the walls. Remember that kitchens are prone to stains from spaghetti sauce and kids’ crayons, so stick to semi-gloss latex paint, which is easy to wipe clean.

Clean up Your Act

Nothing makes a kitchen look older, smaller, and dirtier than piles of cooking paraphernalia strewn all around. Even if you stack them as neatly as you can in one corner, they still look like a big pile of clutter unless you know how to organize properly. Start by paring down your collection of culinary items. Get rid of items you haven’t used in a while and extras of pieces you have two or three of (except for those that come in sets like pots and knives, of course). Put away items you only use on occasion, like the special serving tray for family reunions or the steamer for leche flan. If you still have some items you haven’t been able to stick in a cabinet or shelf, get affordable bins and racks, or install shelves on the walls.

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Nothing makes a kitchen look older, smaller, and dirtier than piles of cooking paraphernalia strewn all around.

A Change Is Going to Come

Don’t be too quick to replace what you have, especially the ones you know are going to be expensive like the kitchen cabinets. Your wooden cupboards may look old, but that might just be on the surface. Inspect them closely and look for major damage. If all they have are nicks and scratches, maybe some varnishing or coat of paint is all they need to look new again. Want to bring a contemporary touch your drawers? Two words: new handles. Simply replace the dated or broken knobs and hinges with new ones that have unique and modern designs.

Ride the Lighting

A dark kitchen is a sad kitchen. Okay, that’s not really a saying, but you have to admit that an improperly lighted kitchen is not conducive of cooking and eating. Good lighting can be very inviting, so you should consider replacing your old, dim lightbulbs with halogen lights, which are durable, energy-saving, and stylish. Another way to improve the look and brightness of the kitchen is to let natural light do its work. Clean the window-panes and install sheer curtains and watch everything get bathed with the warm glow of sunlight.

More often than not, creativity and reorganization are all you need for a pocket-friendly kitchen remodel. So before you give up hope of improving this portion of your home, know what really needs changing, and then find better (and inexpensive) solutions before spending your money.

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