From a minimalist loft to a rustic country home, there is no easier way to spruce up an unadorned space than placing indoor plants in locations that highlight the beauty of your property.

Flowers, whether fresh or artificial, can give a fresh vibe to your space and may just be the simplest way to make it feel classy and manicured. It is understandable, though, that most of us are less than confident in picking out what kind of flora to display as the choices are endless. Do not fret, though, as Lamudi Philippines is here to help you pick out the best floral arrangements.

Minimalist arrangements

The best way to accentuate the minimalist design of your property is to complement it with understated pieces. Ikebana flower arrangements and bonsai trees would be the perfect choices for a zen interior. Other low-maintenance floral arrangements like topiaries, a small coterie of orchids in a box-shaped vase, or tastefully grown shoots of lucky bamboo in a pot are also suitable choices for your minimalist home.


Rustic country flowers

The good thing about spacious, country-themed homes is that you can go all out when it comes to interior decor. Nothing is too loud or too vibrant with floral arrangements for country homes. Best of all, you get to mix and match plant varieties with colorful vases, and even display doilies along with it. The best choices are bunches of geraniums, sunflowers, tulips, and pansies placed on either tarnished brass silverware or worn colored pots. If you want to be more creative, a less conventional way of arranging your flowers is placing them in teapots or chinaware you are not using anymore.

Pro tip: Spritz a bit of your hairspray to make your cut flowers look fresh longer.

Lofts, office spaces, and tiny apartments

Less is more in condominium units, offices spaces, and apartments since space can be a major issue. Your choices here are only limited by your color scheme, motif, and taste, or perhaps the nature of your office space. But generally, anything that does not need too much sunlight will do. Finding strategic locations around your home to place floral arrangements and taking it easy on the quantity should be the priority.

The best blooms suited for limited spaces would range from bouquets of lilies in glass vases, alstroemerias in short containers, asters displayed in jars, or classic hydrangea in bunches. These species are low maintenance and can fit in in almost any space.

Pro tip: You can get flower preservatives from your florist if you want your fresh flowers to last longer, but if you cannot get hold of those you can use regular soda as substitute.

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Finding strategic locations around your home to place floral arrangements and taking it easy on the quantity should be the priority.


Pet-friendly greenery

Pets can be an overlooked factor in working with floral arrangements as some pet owners are unaware of some flowers and plants being hazardous to animals. Some flower varieties that are safe for cats or dogs include African daisies, orchids, begonias, Brazilian lilies, and roses (they happen to like nibbling on roses). Just remember to place your flowers in sturdy containers on stable furniture if you do not want your pup to topple your precious flower vase.

It is so much fun working with flowers, and the best thing about it is that you can choose among thousands of different species, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can experiment with different pots and vases, plus switch it up according to your mood—the lingering flowery smell is a plus, too.

This article is originally posted on Lamudi Philippines

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