Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is a means to present the Bank’s non-financial performance to its stakeholders. Reporting on the Bank’s environmental, social, and governance performance promotes transparency and accountability to its employees, clients, investors, and the public.

BPI started publishing a stand-alone annual Sustainability Report with its 2008 disclosures, following the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Standards (called the GRI Standards starting 2016) to bring out significant aspects of BPI’s non-financial performance based on its economic, social, and environmental impacts.

The Bank adopted the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework, shifting to an annual Integrated Report format which incorporated its 2017 Sustainability Report into a comprehensive annual report for the Bank.

In the 2018 Integrated Report, BPI began reporting its contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

For the 2020 Integrated Report, BPI continues to be aligned with the GRI Standards, <IR> Framework, and added the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards for commercial banks. BPI engaged DNV to provide external assurance for the non-financial disclosures of the report.

Read the 2020 BPI Integrated Report and previous years’ Integrated Reports here.


BPI’s ESG disclosures can also be viewed on the ESG World platform by Churchgate Partners. ESG World is a platform that gives the investment community easy access to BPI’s ESG database in the areas of environmental, social, governance and other related sustainability agendas that are referenced to the GRI Standards. This platform is also updated on a regular basis to communicate the Bank’s latest ESG disclosures.

View the ESG World page here.

2020 Sustainability Highlights

2020 Contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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