Sustainable together

We are committed to responsible banking.​

This means incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the conduct of our business. Beyond ESG, BPI’s unique sustainability formula includes a second E, referring to Economic Benefits (E₂), which we aim to achieve as we pursue sustainability initiatives.

BPI ensures preservation of the environment in the conduct of its business, while assuring that its business is protected from environmental hazards.

Sustainable Products and Services

Sustainable products and services contributing to the UN SDGs, including the first ever Energy Transition Finance Facility in the Philippines

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Resource Efficiency

Improved resource utilization through the efficient management of electricity, water, paper, and other resources

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BPI Environmental Risk Assessment

Mapping of client, employee, and Bank assets to be ready for environmental hazards—the first for a Philippine bank

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BPI helps uplift the lives of Filipinos through innovative financial solutions, while ensuring the​ well-being and safety of its workforce.

Financial Inclusion

Relevant products and services for the unique needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Overseas Filipinos (OFs)

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Simple, affordable, and accessible financing alternatives to help Self-Employed Micro-Entrepreneurs (SEMEs) grow their businesses

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Employee Well-being

Safe and nourishing work environment for employees, allowing BPI to be heralded as one of the best companies to work for in Asia


BPI observes good governance practices, ensuring compliance with laws and ​prudent risk management.

Sustainability Governance

BPI Board of Directors overseeing sustainability initiatives

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Environmental and Social Risk Management System

Environmental and social risk management embedded in BPI’s main business activities and decision-making processes

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Coal Policy

Commitment to reduce coal power generation portfolio to half by 2026 and to zero by 2032

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ESG Ratings and Sustainability Accolades
BPI is the highest-rated Bank in sustainability as of year-end 2021.
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Related information

Sustainability Agenda

BPI is committed to Responsible Banking, which integrates ESG principles along with economic gains in its business strategy and operations.

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Sustainability Reporting

Aligned with global disclosure standards, BPI’s Integrated Reports feature the Bank’s ESG performance and sustainability initiatives.

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BPI Sustainable Funding Framework

BPI issued the first negative-yielding green bond in Southeast Asia and the first COVID response bond in the Philippines.

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