As a financial institution and an active participant in the capital markets, BPI respects the rights of its creditors. In 2018, the Bank continued diversifying its funding sources and lengthening the maturity profile of its borrowings through a series of fundraising activities, tapping both offshore and onshore debt markets. These included its US $600 million debut US-dollar bond issuance in August 2018 through a drawdown from its US $2-billion medium-term note program, the largest debt issuance by a Philippine bank in the offshore debt market. These fundraising activities also included the Bank’s Php 25 billion BPI Bonds issuance, which is the largest single bond listing in PDEx to date and forms part of the Bank’s Php 50 billion bond and commercial paper program.

The Bank complies with all covenants of its debt and equity issuances and respects the rights of its bondholders and stockholders. BPI also complies with statutory requirements with respect to post-issuance continuing disclosure, tax compliance, and other duties, responsibilities, or actions it is obligated to perform or is prohibited from performing, for the respective capital market issuance. The Bank also has an Investor Relations Program to respond to investors’ need for information. It keeps rating agencies informed of material events and responds to other requests for information.