Age: 60, Born 1965
Nationality: Filipino


  • Chief Compliance Officer since January 2018
  • Member, non-voting, Related Party Transaction Committee
  • Chairperson, Money Service Business Committee
  • Chairperson, Money Laundering Evaluation Committee

Atty. Gealogo is the Chief Compliance Officer of BPI and Head of the Bank’s Compliance Division which oversees the implementation of the Bank’s enterprise-wide compliance programs and is composed of the following departments: Regulatory Compliance – Management & Advisory, Regulatory Compliance – Testing & Post Review, Regulatory Compliance – Subsidiary Oversight, AML Compliance, AML Systems and Special Projects, FATCA Compliance, Corporate Governance, Data Privacy Office, and Compliance Analytics. The Compliance Division is also empowered by 26 Group Compliance Officers (GCOs), who are embedded in operational units throughout the Bank.


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