Age: 59, Born 1963
Nationality: Filipino


  • Chief Risk Officer since January 2018
  • Member, Risk Management Committee
  • Chairperson, Fraud and Irregularities Committee
  • Co-Chairperson, Data Steering Committee
  • Deputy Commander, Crisis Resiliency Committee
  • Vice-Chairperson, non-voting, Sustainability Council
  • Advisor, Enterprise and BPI IT Steering Committee
  • Member, non-voting, Finance Committee
  • Member, Operational Risk Management Committee

Ms. Gayares is the Chief Risk Officer of the BPI Group of Companies and Head of its Risk Management Office since January 2018. She likewise serves as a Director for BPI Europe Plc.’s Board. With career stints in the areas of Corporate Banking, Credit and Transaction Banking, Loans Operations, Project Management, Systems, and Financial Control.


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