Press Release
Nov 22, 2023

The BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series kicked off with the much-anticipated BPI Corregidor Cup on November 16 to 19, 2023 organized by the Ocean Racing Club of the Philippines. This thrilling race unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of Corregidor and surrounding islands steeped in history. Corregidor’s scenic expanse including Fort Drum (El Fraile), La Monja, Carabao Island, and Puerto Azul served as rounding marks that guaranteed intense competition among some of the country's most skilled and passionate sailors.

After an exhilarating three days of excellent racing conditions with winds blowing at 20-30 knots, Karakoa, skippered by Ray Ordoveza, emerged triumphant as the Overall Winner and claimed the custom designed trophy by Filipino artist Michael Cacnio specially commissioned by BPI. 

Karakoa’s tactics and teamwork made them a formidable contender, sweeping first place in all 5 races in the IRC Racing Class. James Villareal, skipper of Wild Honey, exhibited unwavering focus throughout the race and dominated the Cruising Class.

Roman Azanza’s Tutu Tango emerged on top in the Ocean Multihull Class. The amazing display of stellar determination and resilience among skippers and crew promises great potential for more exciting outcomes in the race series.

A total of 17 yachts participated in the BPI Corregidor Cup 2023 racing and spectator fleet, with almost 200 sailors, families and guests attending the BPI-sponsored events at Caylabne Bay Resort & Marina.

The BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series ushers in a thrilling season of races that will spotlight the nation's most competitive sailors against the backdrop of stunning destinations.

Dedicated to advancing the sport of sailing and nurturing a spirit of camaraderie among participants, this series is poised to champion sustainability and marine conservation, foster the growth of the sailing community, and position the Philippines as a coveted sailing destination.

“We are very excited to support and re-ignite the spirit of yacht racing in the Philippines. Through this series, we aspire to create a dynamic platform for adventure and achievement and to encourage more people to embrace their passion for sailing,” said Maria Theresa Marcial, President and CEO of BPI Wealth, herself a skipper of cruising yacht Isabelle.

BPI Private Wealth, in collaboration with the Ocean Racing Club of the Philippines, the Philippine Inter-Island Sailing Foundation, and Subic Sailing Club, and in partnership with WWF Philippines, will mount a 4-event yacht race series in 2024: BPI Busuanga Cup on January 25 to 28, BPI Boracay 180 on February 22 to 27, BPI Subic Regatta on April 2 to 5, and BPI Corregidor Cup in November 2024.

For more information about the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series and upcoming events, visit The Signature Yacht Series website.

Getting ready for the race. A total of 17 yachts participated in the BPI Corregidor Cup 2023 racing and spectator fleet.

The BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series kicked off its inaugural race last November 16 to 19.

Karakoa gracefully rounds Fort Drum in a thrilling race against the picturesque and historic backdrop of Corregidor.

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