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May 10, 2023

Celebrate the mothers in your life. Show appreciation for their love and empower them even when you’re apart.

Online Bonding with Mom
Spend some quality time with your mom despite the distance.

Virtual Get-Together

Near or far, with the power of conferencing platforms (like Zoom, GMeet, Skype, etc.), mom can now get together with her loved ones. You can even turn it into a surprise party to make it extra memorable. With good food and easy conversations, your mother can enjoy the company of the people she loves most.

Online Watch Party

Indulge the mothers in your life with their favorite show and your company. They will appreciate you dedicating time for them and sharing their interests.

Virtual Museum Tour

This is for mothers who enjoy art! Treat her to a virtual museum tour so you can discover priceless art pieces or historical artifacts together, even if you’re physically apart. 

There’s an easier way to give your mom a treat. You can make any day extra special for mom by remitting with BPI Pamana Padala. Save on remittance fees by sending funds to her any time through the BPI Mobile App.

Make fund transfers quick and convenient. You can now just point and send money via BPI QR Code. Learn more ways on how to transfer your money using the BPI Mobile app.

Investing with Mom
Empower the mothers in your life with these investment ideas. Whether working or staying-at-home, these will help them build their funds for the future.

Mutual Funds

This investment option helps you build a diverse portfolio without investing in separate individual stocks. There are many mutual funds to choose from, depending on your risk tolerance. Work with a trustworthy financial manager to figure out the right mix for you!

BPI Invest US Dollar Short-Term Fund

This is a stable passive income for moms working abroad or have loved ones working overseas. For a minimum initial investment of just USD 500, this BPI investment product helps the family be ready for any unexpected event by providing ample excess money for emergency funds.

Learn more at BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation or send an email to

Note: In choosing funds, it will still depend on the individual risk tolerance or appetite.

It’s now easier for your loved ones to take care of you while you’re abroad. They can send emergency funds overseas with Outward Remittance. Now available in BPI Online!

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