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May 10, 2023

Dads dedicate all their hard work for the family. Here are some ideas on how you can give back to the fathers in your life.

Quality Time with Dad

After a long day of work, dads need to reconnect with their loved ones. Enjoy some quality time with dad through these bonding activities.


Renovating Your Home

Does dad have a big home renovation project he’s been meaning to get to? Offer to help him complete it! This activity will help you rekindle your relationship dynamics and grow closer.

Watching a Sports Game

Bonding over sports is fun and thrilling. You and your dad can talk about the teams or players you support and your respective forecasts for the rest of the sports season. You can even try the sport you follow together for a fun activity.

Exploring investments

Making financial investments can be a learning experience with dad. It’s one way to build your future together and create a lasting legacy for the family.

Try it with Equities, a stock investment that makes you and your father shareholders in a company. Take significant risks in exchange for maximum return in the long run.

Note: In choosing funds, it will still depend on the individual risk tolerance or appetite.

Level Up Dad’s Everyday

Dads spend their lives making a better future for the family. Start making their days better by upgrading their everyday carry kit.


Keep dad looking his best 24/7 with pomade. You can get Barber’s Grade Pomade from Felipe and Sons (@felipeandsons on Instagram). Available as oil-based and water-based, this product has a stronghold that makes dad’s hairdo last all day long.

Face Mask

As the foundation of the family, it’s important for fathers to stay healthy. Protect them from common colds and other illnesses by keeping them stocked with top-quality medical face masks. Nexcare offers a variety of reliable, accessible, hospital-grade face masks that are up to the task.


Remind your dad to take care of his skin with a handy bottle of sunscreen. For example, he can use The Belo SunExpert SPF 60 Face, and Body Sunscreen comes in the perfect size and provides the right coverage to keep him protected from the sun all day. 

Want to give dad a more priceless gift? Help him get started on his dream car or house renovation project with a BPI Auto Loan or a BPI Housing Loan. All in exchange for low monthly payment rates that are easy on the pocket.

Go digital to enjoy ultimate convenience in your daily financial transactions. Enroll to BPI Online today.

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