Press Release
Feb 23, 2024

MANILA, Philippines — Ayala-led Bank of the Philippine Islands’ (BPI) wealth management arm, BPI Wealth, announced a record-breaking year with its assets under management (AUM) hitting Php 1.22 Tn as of December 31, 2023, a remarkable increase of PHP 348 billion, representing 40% growth from Php 875 Bn as of December 31, 2022.

"Our exceptional growth in 2023 underscores the fruition of the big, bold, moves we have set when we started the year. Looking ahead, BPI Wealth is on track and poised to sustain our growth momentum in 2024 and beyond. We see our AUM growing at about 15% to 20% this year, with strong winds behind our sails given buoyant market conditions and a renewed sense of optimism towards economic expansion supported by lower inflation, potential decline in interest rates, and higher investment spending,” noted Maria Theresa Marcial, President and CEO of BPI Wealth.

BPI Wealth’s stellar growth comes on the back of aggressive marketing and acquisition initiatives, and organic growth in 4 key client segments — institutional, high net worth, mass affluent, and retail segments — cementing its position as the largest investment fund manager and the largest standalone trust corporation in the Philippines.

Growth was also bolstered by the increase in bespoke segregated portfolios growing by 54%, with over 50 new mandates won, generating Php 45 Bn in new money from institutional business.

True to our parent bank’s vision of a financially inclusive Philippines, BPI Wealth has also rolled out strategic imperatives to allow easier access to investment funds by the broader Filipino population.

This includes the lowering of minimum investment amount for Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) and Mutual Funds to PHP 1,000 and the introduction of an enhanced digital platform for investment account opening.

These investment funds may be accessed through our new and improved BPI Mobile app where clients can subscribe to and redeem investment funds and view their transactions and statement of account. We also forged partnerships with institutional agents and expanded channels through which clients can settle and fulfill investment funds transactions.

Moving into 2024, the company plans to drive growth through the introduction of innovative product offerings. Topping the roster is an affordable, first of its kind investment fund designed to empower clients to accumulate funds while getting multiple benefits for health and protection, and unique lifestyle rewards all in one fund.

This initiative reflects our commitment to promoting financial inclusivity, retirement preparedness, and overall financial wellness.

BPI Wealth will also capitalize on its pioneering Multi-Family Office solutions, providing clients with access to a team of expert wealth planners capable of navigating the multi-faceted aspects of family governance, investment management, legal advisory, structuring, documentation, and comprehensive estate planning.

To continue the promotion of sustainable investing in the Philippines, BPI Wealth will also introduce the Philippine Peso class of the BPI Sustainable Funds suite to allow clients access to sustainable global investments denominated in local currency.

Furthermore, BPI Wealth aims to grow its employee benefit funds business by offering comprehensive solutions, including administration services for defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Lastly, BPI Wealth taps into the expertise of its seasoned investment professionals by growing its discretionary portfolio solutions to provide a more nuanced and tailored investment experience for high-net-worth clients while optimizing returns and navigating capital markets complexities efficiently. 

“With these initiatives in the pipeline, we aim to remain the asset and wealth manager of choice for individuals, families, corporates, and institutions in the Philippines. Our strategic focus will continue to be anchored on sustainability, innovation, and customer obsession to help clients grow their wealth with ease,” Marcial noted.

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