Press Release
Nov 15, 2023

BPI Private Wealth, in partnership with leading yacht racing organizations in the Philippines, announces the launch of the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series.

This exclusive racing event is set to captivate sailing enthusiasts from major yacht clubs and showcase the breathtaking seascapes of Busuanga, Boracay, Corregidor, and Subic as premier yacht racing destinations in the Philippines.

Dubbed as the ultimate sailing adventure in the Philippines, the series will feature four signature races happening on November 16-19, 2023 for the BPI Corregidor Cup, January 25-28, 2024 for the BPI Busuanga Cup, February 22-27, 2024 for the BPI Boracay 180, and April 2-5, 2024 for the BPI Subic Regatta.

The BPI Subic Regatta comes on the heels of the famed Rolex China Sea Race 2024, a biennial Category 1 race that takes competitors 565-nautical miles across the South China Sea to Subic Bay. As such, the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series is expected to attract yachts from Hongkong and other parts of Asia.

Spanning multiple picturesque locations, the series promises an unforgettable journey through the Philippine archipelago. Each race destination has been carefully selected for its charm and challenging sailing conditions, ensuring an exciting and diverse experience for the competitors.

“At BPI Private Wealth, we are committed to go beyond banking by delivering signature experiences to our clients. We are excited about this unique event that not only celebrates the beauty of our country but also helps promote the Philippines as a sailing mecca in Asia", said Tere Marcial, President & CEO of BPI Wealth.

In addition to the offshore and inshore yacht races, the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series will offer a range of exclusive events and activities, including fellowship dinners, networking opportunities, and other shore-based festivities. It will also attract the power yacht community who will be invited to join the spectator fleet to add to the glamor and fun.

"The launch of the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series is a significant milestone as this initiative not only showcases the passion and spirit of sailing but also symbolizes the unity that can be achieved when organizations and destinations come together for a common goal. I am excited to witness the realization of a vision where the serene waters of the Philippines serve as a canvass for an organized and exhilarating sailing experience. This series will not only test the skills of the sailors but also strengthen the bonds that tie us all. With diverse destinations and a spirit of healthy competition, this event exemplifies the beauty of our maritime heritage and the promise of an exciting future for sailing in our nation,” said Jerry Rollin, President of the Ocean Racing Club of the Philippines (ORCP).

BPI Private Wealth is delighted to play a key role in elevating the yacht racing scene, fostering camaraderie, and leaving a positive impact on the local communities in these sailing destinations. The inaugural BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series is organized by ORCP, Philippine Inter- Island Sailing Foundation (PHINSAF), and Subic Sailing.

For more information about the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series, including registration details, race schedules, race documents, email 

In Photo (L-R): Marc Nelson; Monchu Garcia, PHINSAF; Jerry Rollin, ORCP; Tere Marcial, President and CEO, BPI Wealth; TG Limcaoco, President and CEO, BPI; Jun Avecilla, Subic Sailing; Albert Altura, ORCP

The series features four key races happening in Corregidor, Busuanga, Boracay, and Subic.

Sailors and Guests attended the launch event at Manila Polo Club.

Jun Avecilla, Owner and Skipper of Selma Star, back-to-back winner of the BPI Busuanga Cup

Marc Nelson with Roman Azanza, owner and Skipper of Tutu Tango

Panel discussion about the spirit of sailing featuring Filipino world-class sailors Jeronimo Gonzales, John John Torres, and Jun Villanueva