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Feb 29, 2024

With all the hustle and bustle of daily Manila carmageddon, whether heading to work or going home after a long day at one, cycling is being considered more of an option to reach a destination nowadays.


Here are some benefits of cycling that might make you consider choosing it as your daily mode of transportation.

It is a means of transport and exercise.

Using bicycles for work and off is a good way to do your daily cardio exercise. This helps you develop great stamina, leg, and knee strength. As a matter of fact, it also helps you lower your cholesterol levels, improving your cardiovascular health. 

It lets you avoid the traffic.

Unlike the thousands of cards that get stuck in the metro day in and day out, there’s less chance of you being stuck in traffic when you’re using bicycles as a mode of transportation. 

It helps reduce air pollution.

Obviously, bicycles do not contribute anything to air pollution. The more people use bicycles as a means of transportation, the closer we get to cleaner air. This also means cutting back on fuel consumption, as cycling operates on human power.

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The more people use bicycles as a means of transportation, the closer we get to cleaner air.

It also helps reduce noise pollution.

Cycling does wonders to alleviate air pollution and even noise pollution. The continuous, noisy sounds of cars and other vehicles in a congested city can be hurtful and annoying to the ears, especially every day.

It cultivates the promotion of green spaces.

If people consider cycling more, it opens the idea of having greener spaces that are traffic- and car-free. This means possible venues to plant more trees, which in turn can translate to greener spaces and cities. 


BPI is one in promoting and supporting those who consider cycling to go to work. Some of its buildings and branches have already provided spaces for bicycles in their parking areas.

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