Sep 19, 2023


The old BPI Mobile app will soon be deactivated. Current users of the app must move to the new BPI app on or before September 30, 2023 to enjoy uninterrupted mobile banking.


Once on the new app, customers can expect faster transactions, more control over their accounts’ security, and personalized insights powered by artificial intelligence to help them manage their finances.


The new BPI app also allows users who are new to BPI to open an account in just a few minutes and with only one ID.

Download the new BPI app

Need help getting on the new BPI app?

1. Download and install the latest version of the new BPI app on the device where you receive SMS one-time-pins (OTPs).


2. If you already have online banking credentials, select “Login” and use your current username & password.  
If you are a BPI client but have not yet registered for online banking, select "Register now." 
If you are new to BPI, select “Open a bank account now.”


3. To register your device via SMS, ensure you have load to send 1 message. Follow the instructions, including sending the secure registration SMS. Keep the app open until registration is done.


4. Turn on Mobile Key under More > General Settings.


Here’s a quick checklist for a seamless move to the new app:

✅ Use the device that has your BPI-registered mobile number.

✅ Get the LATEST version of the new BPI app (v2).

✅ Make sure you have enough load to send 1 SMS.

✅ Mobile Key must be turned on in the new BPI app.

✅ Transact on the device where you have Mobile Key turned on.



Need help getting on the new BPI app?

Our step-by-step video is here to guide you.



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