Mar 06, 2023

The following bank service fees will be adjusted effective May 6, 2023.

Bank Service Fees (Auto and Housing Loans)



Bank CertificationPhp 200Php 300
Safekeeping of Loan DocumentsPhp 500 after 90 days from date of notice + Php 500 for every 365 days thereafter

Php 1,000 after 60 days,

Php 2,000 after 180 days

Loan Take Out

Php 5,500

Php 15,000
Cancellation of MortgagePhp 500Php 800
Second Release of Cancellation of MortgagePhp 500Php 5,000

Clearance of Encumbrance from Collateral  

(excluding actual RD and LTO fees)

 Php 4,000
Collateral Delivery

Php 200

Php 1,000
Bayanihan Adjustment  Php 2,000
Voluntary Redemption “Storage Fee" Php 2,000
 Loan Modification Services (Change Collateral, Rate Change, Restructuring, etc.)

Php 3,000 for all except:

Change Due Date –

Php 500

Restructuring – Php 5,000

Php 5,000
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