As with our stockholders, we treat our investors as strategic partners for growth, and we are accountable to them for our long-term, engaged capital. We put a premium on ensuring prompt, timely, and full disclosure to our investors, especially given the rapid evolution of the banking industry and the shifting structure of the financial markets.

We engage our investors through an investor relations program, carried out by our Investor Relations Office, whose responsibilities include:

  • Reaching out to all shareholders to inform them of corporate activities;
  • Communicating the banks' direction, strategies, financial condition, and operating performance to investors, shareholders, research and sales personnel of securities and investment houses;
  • Timely reporting of corporate actions and financial performance in compliance with Philippine SEC and PSE rules;
  • Quarterly updating of databases relative to financial performance; and
  • Serving as resource for publications and other external communication initiatives of the bank's Corporate Communications office.