The code of business conduct and ethics guides what we say and do, in order that the right decisions be taken in the performance of our respective roles and responsibilities across various functions in the Bank, towards proper handling of our relationships with all our stakeholders. Built around the Bank’s mission and vision, its credo and core values, the code provides an overview of key practices and behaviors that define the conduct to which we hold ourselves accountable for and the behavior that is expected of all employees at all levels in the organization. In an environment fraught with banking risks, our code of business conduct and ethics is not simply a declaration of principles, but is also a vital part of our risk management strategy.

Thru the code, the Bank desires to: (1) build a culture of integrity, accountability, and ethical behavior where each employee is responsible for knowing and abiding by the code and strives to protect the Bank’s reputation; (2) establish a system for detection and reporting of known or suspected ethical wrongdoing or violations of the code, and; (3) emphasize BPI’s commitment to compliance with regulatory guidelines, rules and laws.

The code of business conduct and ethics is applicable to and mandatory for all Employees at all levels, regardless of their individual role, position or practice, including officers and staff. The code is also the applicable code for the Bank’s principal, direct and indirect subsidiaries and their Employees.

The code of business conduct and ethics may be read here.

Our Board of Directors has, likewise, separately adopted a code of conduct (the “Director’s Code”) for Directors of the Bank. This Director’s code: a) codifies a standard of conduct for which Directors are to abide throughout their term of service, from the date of their appointment, and; b) sets out a range of matters relating to a Director’s role and the behavior expected of a Director to properly undertake fiduciary duties, protect the business interests of BPI and maintain its reputation for integrity. In this regard, a separate code for Directors was created because of the specific conduct rules and standards applicable only to the Board.

The Director’s code of conduct may be read here.


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