Committee roles and responsibilities

The Audit Committee monitors and evaluates the Bank’s systems of internal controls, risk management and governance processes. It provides oversight on the integrity of the Bank’s financial statements and financial reporting process, performance of the internal and external audit functions, and compliance with bank policies, applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

In addition, the Committee reviews the external independent auditor’s annual audit plan, scope of work, overall performance and effectiveness. In consultation with Management, the Committee also approves the independent auditor's terms of engagement and audit fees.

Committee Composition (Term 2022-2023)
ChairmanMaria Dolores B. Yuvienco
Independent Director
MembersOctavio Victor R. Espiritu
Non-Executive Director
Cesar V. Purisima
Independent Director


Committee Members Meeting Attendance

During 2022, the committee members attended meetings as follows:

OfficeNameDate of AppointmentAttendance / Meetings%Years served on Committee
Chairman (ID)Maria Dolores B. YuviencoApr. 10, 201417/172100%7.7
MemberOctavio Victor R. EspirituApr. 15, 201015/17288%11.7
Member (ID)Cesar V. PurisimaApr. 22, 202110/102100%1.7
MemberRomeo L. Bernardo1Oct. 21, 202017/172100%0.5

1 Committee member until Apr. 21, 2021
2 Includes BPI Joint AuditCom & RMCom Meeting

Committee Performance

As part of the annual Board effectiveness review, a separate exercise was conducted to assess the Committee’s 2022 performance. The survey found the Committee to have performed its duties and responsibilities effectively.

Committee Charter
Audit Committee Charter