What's NEXT?

Enjoy these benefits when you become part of the NEXT program.

Next-level Coaching On Demand

Next-level coaching on demand

Dive into our financial fitness hub — your gains start here.

Easy wins with elevated savings

Easy wins with elevated savings

Score big prizes when you top-up your deposit and investments.

Coming soon.

Xperience Rewards

Xperience rewards

Enjoy financial gains when the perks roll in.

Coming soon.

Track your finances

Track your finances

Manage and sculpt your cash flow like a pro, with the Track and Plan feature on the BPI app.

Be part of NEXT

Take a leap in the next direction in just three steps.

Train like a pro

Get into top financial shape through tips, quips and insights from the best of BPI.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Committing to Your Finances

Building a good relationship with money takes time. Don't let the commitment intimidate you.

Money and Millennials: A Complicated Relationship

Why is it so hard to be financially independent these days?

Budget Like a Boss

Learn about fun and easy ways for millennials to manage money.

Millennials' financial goals: Can you relate?

Five financial goals worth aiming for – and how to reach them.

How to Protect Your Finances Online

Here are some reminders in order to avoid being scammed with your hard-earned money.

How to Access Your Funds When Traveling Abroad

It pays to be familiar with foreign exchange rates when you are on an overseas trip.
Be part of NEXT

Join us in three easy steps.

Open an account with us

Open an account with us

Open a savings account via the BPI app or go to any BPI branch.

Deposit Php 100,000

Deposit Php 100,000

Start saving for your goals.

Enjoy your NEXT journey

Enjoy your NEXT journey

Grow your relationship and reach your aspirations.

Refer a NEXT client

Score Php 1,000 worth of eGCs and raffle entries to win exciting prizes when you refer a friend.

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