Terms and Conditions effective April 4, 2023


1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to clients of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) who meet the Bank’s set parameters and/or eligibility requirements, as the same may be updated from time to time, and are enrolled into the BPI Gold Program (“the BPI Gold Program”).

2. To enjoy the privileges and benefits of the BPI Gold Program, a BPI client must maintain the following eligibility criteria:

  • A minimum of Five Million Pesos (PHP 5,000,000) to less than Fifty Million Pesos (PHP 50,000,000) or its foreign currency equivalent in Total Relationship Balance (TRB). TRB includes the client’s total funds in Deposits (Current and Savings accounts monthly average daily balance, and Time Deposits value) and Investments held in BPI.
  • All products and services availed of by the BPI Gold client shall always be maintained in good standing.

3. BPI reserves the right to review from time to time and without notice the client’s account/s and total relationship with the Bank to determine compliance with the eligibility criteria and its requirements. Notwithstanding fulfilment of the eligibility criteria, the Bank has sole discretion to determine client’s continued eligibility and participation in the BPI Gold Program.

4. BPI reserves the right, in its absolute discretion at any time and without notice, (i) to discontinue the client’s membership to the BPI Gold Program; (ii) cancel, change or substitute any service/privilege/benefits extended; (iii) amend, modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions; or (iv) to suspend or terminate the BPI Gold Program. BPI shall not be responsible / liable in any manner whatsoever for any costs, losses, damages or expenses, or other consequences, caused by reason of the Bank’s exercise of the foregoing rights. Neither will the Bank be liable for any special, consequential, exemplary, indirect damages for any loss of value, opportunities or benefits that may arise as a result of any of the foregoing or changes made to the BPI Gold Program.

5. BPI may amend from time to time any or all of the eligibility criteria of the BPI Gold Program. Any amendments to the eligibility criteria shall be published in the website or in any other manner deemed appropriate by the Bank. 

6. These BPI Gold Program Terms and Conditions shall supplement the Terms and Conditions governing BPI’s Products, Services, Facilities and Channels which are viewable on www.bpi.com.ph

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