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Tax-exempt investment income

PERA investments can potentially earn higher than regular investment returns due to its favorable tax features.

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Tax credit

Enjoy a tax credit equivalent to 5% of your yearly total contribution.

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Tax-free distributions

Receive tax-free distributions upon age 55 and completion of at least 5 yearly contributions.

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Exclusive access

Available directly through BPI Wealth.


The Fund intends to achieve liquidity and stable income from a diversified portfolio of primarily short-term fixed income instruments. The benchmark of the Fund is the 91-day Philippine Treasury Bill.

*Fund price is updated after 12 NN on the next banking day. Price data are for information purposes only and shall not be conclusive unless otherwise verified and validated against the records of BPI Wealth.
BPI PERA Money Market Fund
Fund classificationMoney Market Funds
Base currencyPeso
Launch dateDec 19, 2016
Minimum initial investmentPhp 1,000
Minimum transaction amountNone (Transaction amount must be equivalent to at least 0.0001 unit)
Minimum holding periodN/A
Early redemption penaltyN/A
Trust fee0.50% p.a.
Valuation of the fundMarked-to-market daily
Cut-off time2:00 PM
Subscription settlementDay 2
Redemption settlementDay 2 end-of-day
Pricing scheduleDay 1 end-of-day
Recommended investment horizonAt least 1 year
Target fundN/A
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