BPI Investment funds

Investment funds monitor - absolute returns as of February 29, 2024.

Bond funds

Bond fundsNAVPUDoD¹YTD²1 year3 years5 years
BPI Short Term Fund  166.30 0.01%0.77%4.34%6.64%11.45%
BPI Money Market Fund281.58 0.01%0.79%4.64%8.03%14.79%
BPI Premium Bond Fund  204.48 0.05%0.39%2.59%2.60%13.03%
BPI Global Bond Fund-of-Funds3175.48 0.14%-0.83%5.56%-5.84%3.13%
BPI US Dollar Short Term Fund3330.33 0.02%0.78%4.41%5.76%8.88%
ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund3263.63 0.03%-0.40%4.87%-0.32%23.90%
BPI Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund  234.08 0.12%-1.19%5.06%-7.09%7.50%
BPI Fixed Income Portfolio Fund of Funds3126.06 0.03%-0.40%4.63%4.85%27.12%
BPI Sustainable Global Bond Fund-of-Funds Class A (USD Class)398.54 0.06%-0.73%5.56%--

Balanced funds

Balanced fundsNAVPUDoD¹YTD²1 year3 years5 years
BPI Balanced Fund173.45 0.57%3.76%4.93%3.53%-0.42%
BPI Bayanihan Balanced Fund118.96 0.13%1.01%4.23%6.60%17.90%
BPI US Dollar Income Feeder Fund376.21 0.00%0.67%0.55%-14.71%-21.21%
BPI Sustainable Global Balanced Fund-of-Funds Class A (USD Class)3103.89 -0.24%1.55%12.16%--

Equity funds

BPI Equity Value Fund155.60 0.98%7.74%8.33%5.85%-5.22%
BPI Global Equity Fund-of-Funds3520.50 -0.39%5.56%22.59%6.55%47.22%
BPI Philippine High Dividend Equity Fund131.74 1.20%7.29%10.60%10.80%2.51%
BPI Philippine Equity Index Fund97.72 0.99%7.42%7.21%4.87%-4.54%
BPI US Equity Index Feeder Fund3271.84 -0.13%6.16%27.74%33.94%83.48%
BPI European Equity Feeder Fund3158.60 -0.28%4.31%12.20%24.03%59.19%
BPI Philippine Consumer Equity Index Fund86.10 1.13%6.18%-0.95%-7.83%-17.87%
BPI Philippine Infrastructure Equity Index Fund134.93 1.86%8.53%21.49%63.81%49.84%
BPI Catholic Values Global Equity Feeder Fund3179.59 -0.02%9.19%26.86%37.78%66.53%
BPI US Equity Index Feeder Fund (Class A)3271.84 -0.13%6.16%27.74%33.94%83.48%
BPI US Equity Index Feeder Fund (Class P)3182.87 0.17%7.85%29.86%55.04%-
BPI World Technology Feeder Fund (Class A)397.82 -0.83%10.73%46.88%-0.56%-
BPI Global Health Care Feeder Fund Class A (USD Class)396.23 -1.25%5.11%14.87%-0.48%-
BPI Sustainable Global Equity Fund-of-Funds Class A (USD Class)3106.94 -0.52%3.49%17.94%--
Odyssey funds

Bond funds

Bond fundsNAVPUDoD¹YTD²1 year3 years5 years
Odyssey Peso Medium-Term Bond Fund149.43 0.05%0.12%3.12%2.87%17.57%
Odyssey Peso Bond Fund325.82 0.08%-0.42%3.84%2.40%23.13%
Odyssey Phl. Dollar Bond Fund30.88 0.10%-0.96%5.03%-3.17%9.93%

Balanced funds

Balanced fundsNAVPUDoD¹YTD²1 year3 years5 years
Odyssey Diversified Cap. Fund196.09 0.25%1.46%4.56%2.39%14.05%
Odyssey Diversified Bal. Fund208.86 0.37%2.91%5.91%3.44%10.30%

Equity funds

Equity fundsNAVPUDoD¹YTD²1 year3 years5 years
Odyssey Phl. Equity Fund427.98 1.08%7.64%8.98%8.41%-3.91%
Odyssey Phl. High Con. Eq. Fund123.47 1.09%7.13%6.71%2.54%-9.21%
Odyssey AP High Div. Eq.  Fund312.25 -0.24%1.07%6.24%-4.00%6.52%

BPI PERA funds

BPI PERA fundsNAVPUDoD¹YTD²1 year3 years5 years
BPI Pera Money Market1.27 0.00%0.79%5.83%13.39%23.30%
BPI Pera Govt Bond Fund1.35 0.00%0.00%6.30%10.66%33.66%
BPI Pera Corp1.16 0.00%0.87%3.57%6.42%20.83%
BPI Pera Equity Fund1.01 1.00%1.00%8.60%8.60%-1.94%

1 Percentage change from t-2 prices DoD: Day-on-Day
2 Percentage change from December 29, 2023
3 Prices are as of t-2; Percentage change from t-3 prices
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