Five steps towards sustainable living

Start your sustainability journey with these simple steps.

Saving ecosystems requires work and lifestyle changes. Let's get you started with small steps towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly life. 

How hard are 5 small steps? You tell us: 

1. Avoid Single-Use Products

Get a reusable tote, tumbler, portable cutlery, and  straw. Once you're fully equipped, start refusing disposable plastics when eating out. 

2. Go Green

We're not telling you to go hardcore vegan immediately; just start eating more fruits, veggies, and plant-based food (Bonus: They're healthier, too). 

3. Recycle & Buy Recycled

Reduce waste by recycling and buying recycled products, which carry lower carbon footprint. 

4. Buy Less & Buy Better

Overconsumption is never cool. You don't need each season's clothing in all colors. Pick high-quality and long-lasting items (not just clothes). 

5. Be Water-Wise

Don't take water for granted: turn off the tap when soaping your face or brushing your teeth, and conserve as much water as you can when doing your laundry.

Create good habits with these simple steps, and you might find yourself going for bigger moves towards sustainability.

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