Sustainability Summit

To further develop the sustainability mindset of employees across the bank, BPI conducted its first Sustainability Summit via a virtual platform last 01 March 2022. Attended by thousands of BPI employees, the event featured speeches from Ayala Corporation and BPI Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, BPI President and CEO Jose Teodoro Limcaoco, and BPI Chief Financial and Sustainability Officer Maria Theresa Marcial.

Sustainability at the heart of BPI
"I am delighted that BPI has taken sustainability to heart, and I hope that this summit will definitely spark a dynamic and unstoppable movement towards a liveable Philippines for future generations. I am confident that, with the talent, energy, and passion that I see from our Unibankers every day, whether in the head office or in our branches, no challenge is insurmountable. I look forward to being with all of you in this journey." - Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman of Ayala Corporation and Bank of the Philippine Islands

Targeted to be held annually moving forward, the summit is intended to be an avenue for communicating the concretization of the Bank’s sustainability agenda and strategy to the rest of the institution, and to inspire employees in further developing their sustainability initiatives.

Read more about BPI’s Sustainability Agenda.

Commitment to responsible banking
Sustainability has always been a high priority at BPI. We are committed to responsible banking and we will continue to champion sustainability toward a better Philippines. Our Sustainability Summit marks our commitment to make sustainability part of our mindset, our strategies, and daily activities, further embedding sustainability into BPI’s DNA.” - Jose Teodoro Limcaoco, BPI President and Chief Executive Officer

As a means to give credit to its employees for their initiatives, the Bank also integrated a 10% sustainability component in the ratings of all employees across all segments. On top of such incentive, the BPI Sustainability Office also announced during the summit the Sustainability Innovations and Achievements (SIA) Awards which will recognize the most outstanding sustainability initiatives across the Bank on a yearly basis.

To complement these initiatives, BPI is also mandating all employees to take a sustainability training course via a virtual learning platform.

Critical business imperative
“Sustainability initiatives are not just nice-to-haves but are necessary and essential elements of doing business in the Philippines. Climate and environmental risk resilience is a critical business imperative. Let our generation lead the way as we work together to achieve our sustainability goals.” - Maria Theresa Marcial, BPI Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Finance Officer

Sustainability Commitments of BPI Leaders

"As we assist companies, big and small, transition to more cost-efficient and environment-friendly alternatives, we also ensure the sustainability projects we finance are feasible and viable. We provide technical support to ensure compliance with global sustainability standards and support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

Juan Carlos L. Syquia
Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Clients Segment

"Sustainability is a key priority. Through cutting-edge innovation, we join hands with our clients to minimize our carbon footprint together, while enhancing the quality of service we provide via physical and digital platforms."

Maria Cristina L. Go
Executive Vice President and Head of Consumer Banking Segment

"We offer well-studied and pre-qualified sustainable investment alternatives that help fund high-impact local and global green and social projects while offering attractive returns."

Sheila Marie U. Tan
President, BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation

"We integrate sustainability in our business offerings. We have a fast-growing sustainability portfolio of bonds and cross-border loans, fund-raising initiatives for deployment to green and social assets, and a dedicated sales team providing Treasury services to SMEs, schools, and hospitals."

Dino R. Gasmen
Senior Vice President and Treasurer

"We help ensure the unbanked and underbanked are included in the country’s economic recovery and growth. We provide sustainable financial solutions designed to serve the needs of microbusinesses, farmers, fishermen, and those belonging to the C and D sectors of society."

Marie Josephine M. Ocampo
Executive Vice President and Head of Mass Retail Products

"We empower our clients with onshore and offshore investment opportunities supportive of economic growth and responsibly governed companies. With a diverse set of sectoral themes across asset classes, from sustainable energy to infrastructure and agricultural projects, clients are guided in their unique wealth protection and estate planning decisions allowing an attractive risk-return proposition while supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

Jonathan Paul Back
Senior Vice President and Head of Wealth Management

"Being the backbone of our economy, small and medium enterprises are our top priority. As we deepen our reach to this sector, we carefully craft Business Banking solutions that adjust to the ever-changing SME needs and challenges, as they strive to grow their businesses."

Eric Roberto M. Luchangco
Senior Vice President and Head of Business Banking

"BPI Enterprise Services have a host of sustainability initiatives. Our Facilities Services Group ensure the physical safety and resource efficiency of BPI Offices while working to shift to renewable energy and help reduce the Bank’s carbon emissions. Our Centralized Operations Group continues to transition to paperless and automated processes while our Human Resources group is always working to ensure that we have a workforce physically and mentally fit, risk-resilient and always ready to serve. We pursue our digital transformation as we further strengthen our “Responsible Operations."

Ramon L. Jocson
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

"BPI has integrated ESG into the Bank’s risk management, compliance, and internal audit systems and processes. We are integrating ESG risks into the Bank’s enterprise risk management framework while evaluating the robustness of internal policies in the process. We likewise ensure compliance with ESG regulations and internal policies. Remember, sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s now all about doing more good."

Marita Socorro D. Gayares
Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

"We have incorporated sustainability standards in the bank’s credit evaluation processes. Our credit review checks for alignment to the UN SDGs, project technical and financial viability as well as resilience to environmental risks."

Joseph Anthony M. Alonso
Senior Vice President and Chief Credit Officer

"On top of our long-standing volunteerism activities to uplift the lives of people in our partner communities, we help improve financial and digital literacy to ensure access to easy-to-use and reliable digital alternatives to basic financial services – drastically reducing the carbon footprint of banking, and strengthening the Bank’s capacity to serve more Filipinos."

Mary Catherine Elizabeth P. Santamaria
Senior Vice President and Chief Customer and Marketing Officer

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