Sustainable Products and Services

BPI offers an array of sustainable products and services aligned to its unique sustainability formula ESG + E₂, as the Bank aims to provide a variety of sustainable and innovative solutions to clients’ banking needs.

Sustainable Development Finance Program

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Renewable EnergyCorporate Banking
Business Banking
Energy Efficiency
Climate Resilience
Sustainable Agriculture

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Finance

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Ka-Negosyo SME LoanBusiness BankingE-mail:
Ka-Negosyo SME Loan - Property Acquisition Loan
Ka-Negosyo Credit Line
Ka-Negosyo Ready Loan

Sustainability Bonds

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Green Bonds

Corporate Banking

Business Banking

Global Markets

BPI Capital Corporation

Sustainable Funding Framework

Social Bonds


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Green Savers Time DepositConsumer BankingGreen Savers Time Deposit


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BPI Direct BanKo

BPI Direct BanKo products
NegosyoKo Lite


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Secure AssistBPIMS Insurance CorporationBPIMS Insurance Corporation
Bayan Family ProtectBPI AIA Life Assurance CorporationBPI AIA Life Assurance Corporation

Sustainable Funds

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BPI Invest Catholic Values Global Equity Feeder FundBPI Asset Management and Trust CorporationE-mail:

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation
BPI Invest Sustainable Global Bond Fund-of-Funds
BPI Invest Sustainable Global Balanced Fund-of-Funds
BPI Invest Sustainable Global Equity Fund-of-Funds

Energy Transition Financing Facility

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Energy Transition Financing FacilityBPI Capital CorporationEmail:

Sustainable Development Finance Program
Corporate Banking, Business Banking

In partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group, BPI was the first bank to introduce Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) in the Philippine banking industry in 2008. The BPI SEF Program was used as a platform to help finance green projects of the private sector, with focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

In 2019, BPI expanded its green financing program to include sustainable agriculture alongside renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate resilience, under the rebranded Sustainable Development Finance (SDF) Program. Aimed to reflect the growing diversity of services furthering sustainable development provided by the Bank, the SDF program also signifies BPI’s stronger commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Under the SDF Program, the Bank provides free technical and financial advice to both SMEs and large corporates. BPI SDF technical consultation services include as follows:

1. Valuation of project proposals/feasibility studies
2. Validation of production projection
3. Technical training
4. Calculation of potential energy cost savings
5. Review of vendor track record
6. Other forms of assistance needed in ensuring sustainability outcomes

Through these services, BPI goes beyond financing client projects by enabling SMEs and large businesses to also contribute in mitigating environment degradation. Clients are able to reduce in-house greenhouse gas emissions and reduce risk via climate-proofing their businesses. In the process, clients are also able to increase profitability via the savings generated from the financed green and sustainable projects.

For inquiries, send a message to the Sustainable Development Finance Team at

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Finance
Business Banking

BPI Business Banking was established in 2018 to augment the Bank’s services exclusive for the unique needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which account for over 99% of total registered businesses in the Philippines.

Intended to help SMEs in the Philippines overcome hurdles inherent to growing businesses, BPI Business Banking offers fast, simple, and convenient solutions for the financial needs of SMEs.

For inquiries, send a message to the Business Banking Team at

Green and Social Bonds
Corporate Banking, Business Banking, Global Markets, BPI Capital Corporation

Under the BPI Sustainable Funding Framework, the Bank has issued green and social bonds to fund projects with clear environmental benefits and address socio-economic issues, as aligned with the UN SDGs and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards.

Proceeds of the bonds are used to finance eligible green and social projects. Eligible green projects include renewable energy; energy efficiency; sustainable water and wastewater management; pollution prevention and control; and green building projects. Eligible social projects include loans to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Inaugural CHF 100 million
ASEAN Green Bond

August 29, 2019

USD 300 million

ASEAN Green Bond

September 3, 2019

Php 21.5 billion

COVID Action Response (CARE) Bonds

August 7, 2020

  • First green bond deal from Southeast Asia to be launched in the CHF market
  • First negative yielding bond to be issued out of the Philippines and Southeast Asia
  • First USD-denominated green bond in a Philippine bank
  • Lowest coupon and yield ever paid for a USD-denominated bond from the Philippines
  • First ASEAN Social Bond issuance in the Philippines
  • First COVID Response Bond in the Philippines
  • First ASEAN Social Bond addressing COVID-19
  • Coupon: 0.000%
  • Maturity Date: September 24, 2021
  • Listing: SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX)
  • 4 times oversubscribed
  • Coupon: 2.5%
  • Maturity Date: September 10, 2024
  • Listing: Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST)
  • 4 times oversubscribed
  • Coupon: 3.05%
  • Maturity Date: May 7, 2022
  • Listing: Philippine Dealing Exchange (PDEx)
  • 7 times oversubscribed

Read the BPI Sustainable Funding Framework, the Second-Party Opinion by Sustainalytics, and Year-End Reports here.

BPI Direct BanKo

BPI Direct BanKo (BanKo) is the microfinance arm of BPI. Since 2016, it has endeavored to improve the economic well-being of thousands of Filipino self-employed micro-entrepreneurs (SEMEs) nationwide by creating an enabling business environment for them. True to its mission of empowering the Negosyanteng Pinoy, BanKo has provided access to easy, convenient and affordable microfinance products and provided them with an opportunity to grow and expand their businesses.

The Bank’s primary product is the NegosyoKo Loan, a microloan with affordable rates, flexible terms and simple requirements that has helped tens of thousands of micro-entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses.

BanKo is also committed to digitalization as a tool for financial inclusion. In 2019, BanKo launched a mobile app where clients can access their PondoKo Savings, an interest-bearing basic deposit account with no maintaining balance.  This enables clients to easily build up their funds, manage their cash flow and make digital payments.

For inquiries, send a message to the BanKo Team at or visit their website here.

BPI MS Insurance Corporation, BPI-AIA Life Assurance Corporation

BPI MS Insurance Corporation offers Personal Accident insurance which provides cash benefit in case of death or permanent disablement caused by an accident, with added extensions for burial expenses, and cash assistance in case of fire, flood, typhoon, and/or earthquake.

For more information, visit the BPI MS Insurance Corporation website here.

In 2020, BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation (BPLAC), now BPI AIA Life Assurance Corporation (BPI AIA), launched the Bayan Family Protect Plan, an affordable life insurance that secures financial assistance for your family in case of unexpected circumstances. It is available in Plan Php 30 and Plan Php 60 for individuals, and Plan Php 90 for families of up to 5 members.

For more information, visit the BPI AIA website here.

ESG Fund
BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation has a selection of investment funds whose proceeds are allocated to projects with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) benefits.

Launched in 2017, the BPI Invest Catholic Values Global Equity Feeder Fund intends to achieve for its participants long-term capital growth by investing in a target fund that selects securities based on Catholic ethical, environmental, social and governance metrics.

In 2022, BPI AMTC launched a suite of fund-of-funds which made sustainability-themed global funds accessible for Filipino investors.

BPI Invest Sustainable Global Bond Fund-of-Funds, BPI Invest Sustainable Global Balanced Fund-of-Funds, and BPI Invest Sustainable Global Equity Fund-of-Funds, all seek to achieve capital appreciation and income by investing in a diversified portfolio of global collective investment schemes which integrate environmental, social, and governance criteria in its investment process. This includes the incorporation of sustainability goals and facilitation of flow of funds towards green economic activities, climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, and other positive environmental and social impact initiatives.
For inquiries, send a message to the BPI AMTC Team at or visit their website here.

Energy Transition Financing Facility
BPI Capital Corporation

In 2022, BPI Capital became the mandated Lead Arranger for the country’s first energy transition financing deal, wherein proceeds are used to accelerate the retirement of coal power plants and support renewable energy. The Php 13.7 billion deal was arranged for South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala-led ACEN Corporation, in line with the Ayala Group’s “net zero” target through 2050.

Read more about BPI’s sustainable products and services in the BPI Integrated Reports here.

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