Grow your Deposit funds
Get 10 BPI points when you grow and keep your funds with us.
Program Highlights
Grow and save with us to earn BPI points.

Increase your monthly average daily balance* by Php 10,000 to qualify.

Track and redeem your points

Download and register in VYBE to join BPI Rewards.

How to Earn

1. Download and sign-up to VYBE to join the rewards program.

2. Maintain an average daily balance of Php 20,000 to Php 1,000,000 and a growth of at least Php 10,000 to earn 10 BPI points** for every Php 20,000 in your Deposit account.

3. Maintain an average daily balance of Php 1,000,000 and up as well as a growth of at least Php 100,000 to earn 10 BPI points** for every Php 10,000 in your Deposit account and another 10 points** for every Php 100,000 average daily balance in excess of Php 5,000,000.

Current MTD ADB Tier 

Required growth vs.  

Previous MTD ADB  

(Incremental MTD ADB) 

Points to Earn per Month  

(Current MTD ABD) 

Php 20,000 to Php 1,000,000

Php 10,000 

10 points per Php 20,000 

Php 1,000,000 and up 

Php 100,000 

10 points per Php 10,000 up to Php 5,000,000 

10 points per Php 100,000 

(in excess of Php 5,000,000) 

*Monthly Average Daily Balance (ADB) is computed as:

ADB = (Day 1 ending balance + Day 2 ending balance ... + Day 30 or Day 31 ending balance) / Number of days in the month (i.e. 30 or 31 days)

** Clients who are individual primary account holders with an existing qualified BPI Deposit account with active/normal account status are eligible to receive points.

List of qualified BPI Deposit accounts:

a. Express Teller Savings / Regular Savings

b. Payroll Accounts

c. Saver Plus

d. Express Teller Checking / Regular Checking

e. Maxi-one Checking

f. Bizlink Checking

4. Offer period is from [December 1, 2022 to November 1, 2023].

Terms and Conditions

1. A maximum of 200,000 points will be applied per client.  

2. For clients who own more than 1 qualified deposit product, computation of ADB qualifier shall be aggregated per client.

3. This promo is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing BPI’s Products, Services, Facilities and Channels, BPI’s Online Banking Terms and Conditions, BPI’s e-Wallet Terms and Conditions and BPI Data Privacy Statement. 

Download and register in VYBE to join the BPI Rewards program and redeem your rewards.
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Customer Support


For inquires and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000.

For any concerns, you may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions in the BPI Help & Support website.

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