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Redeem a 6"x6" Simple Book worth Php 550 for only 10 points.
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Get a 6 x 6 Simple Book at Photobook Philippines worth Php 550

Use your Amore Visa Prepaid Card and e-voucher upon check out.

Exchange your points for exclusive AmoRewards

Earn 1 point for every Php 200 you spend online and in stores wherever Visa is accepted.

Promo Mechanics
RewardPointsPromo code
6” x 6” 20-Page Simple Book10134010

Points Inquiry

1. Cardholder may inquire points earned anytime via SMS.

2. To inquire points, cardholder must text AMOREPOINTS (space) last 10 digits of the Amore Visa Prepaid card number (space) birthdate (MMDDYY) and send 2256.  

Ex. AMOREPOINTS 7712345678 123189

3. Cardholder will receive his/her updated points via SMS in 1-2 banking day/s.


1. A cardholder in good standing with sufficient points earned, may redeem AmoRewards anytime via SMS.

2. In the event the card expires, the cardholder may still redeem AmoRewards with earned points within 60 calendar days from the date of expiry. 

3. To redeem AmoRewards in the AmoRewards catalog, cardholder must text AMOREDEEM (space) last 10 digits of the Amore Visa Prepaid card number (space) product code (space) birthdate (MMDDYY) and send to 2256.

Example: AMOREDEEM 7712345678 131234 123189

4. Cardholder will have to refer to the AmoRewards catalog for the product code and required points for redemption of their chosen AmoReward.

5. Cardholder will receive a redemption confirmation with the voucher code via SMS within 2 banking days.

6. Once a valid redemption request has been made, this cannot be cancelled, revoked or changed.

7. Upon redemption of AmoReward, cardholder must present/enter the voucher code  and use his/her Amore Visa Prepaid Card upon payment.

8. The promo code/eCoupon is valid within 60 calendar days after receiving the SMS redemption confirmation.

9. All AmoRewards featured in the AmoRewards catalog are subject to availability. BPI may, without notice, remove and/or replace AmoRewards with equivalent value and nature, at its sole discretion.

10. Once the AmoReward has been claimed, the relevant merchant’s terms and conditions including warranties will apply.

11. By participating under the AmoRewards program and requesting for redemption of AmoReward points, the cardholder agrees and authorizes BPI to collect, use, store, process and disclose necessary information to its employees, personnel, authorized representatives, agents and service providers, under an obligation of confidentiality to enable BPI to process such information involved to carry out and complete the redemption process. By using the Amore Visa Prepaid card and/or availing or continuing to avail the AmoRewards program, the cardholder agrees all the cardholder’s personal information, transactions, business and credit relationships, accounts or account information or records which are with BPI, made available to BPI or which are in its possession or updated from time to time, may be collected, obtained, used, stored, consolidated, processed, profiled, benchmarked, shared to and disclosed,  by and between the BPI and any member of the BPI Group of Companies, their successors and assigns, and their respective authorized representatives, agents and service providers, for any or all the purposes described in the Data Privacy Statement published at and deemed incorporated by reference herein. The foregoing constitutes the cardholder’s express consent under the applicable bank secrecy, confidentiality and data privacy laws of the Philippines and other jurisdictions and we agree to hold BPI, each member of the BPI Group of Companies, the Program Partners and their respective directors, officers, employees, authorized representatives, agents and service providers, free and harmless from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, suits, costs, and expenses resulting from or in connection with the implementation of the purposes and authorities conferred by us hereunder.

12. BPI does not make any warranty, express or implied, with respect to any of the Amorewards. Except as otherwise provided, any dispute concerning the quality or feature of the AmoReward shall be settled directly between the cardholder and the manufacturer as may be provided in the manufacturer’s warranty and/or terms and conditions.

    Customer Support

    For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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    Earn 1 point for every Php 200 you spend online and in stores wherever Visa is accepted. Exchange your points for exclusive AmoRewards.

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