Card Usage Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my card?

If Applied at Ayala Malls
You can already use your card to shop in Visa affliated establishments. Please allow 1-2 banking days upon application for activation of online use of the card.

If Applied Online/BPI Branch
a. Just text IM<space>ON<space>AMOREGO<space>last 10 digits of card number and send to 0922-999-6000 for all networks. Your card will be activated in 1-2 banking days upon validation. Ex. IM ON AMOREGO 1234567890.

b. Or you may call our BPI hotline, (+632) 889-10000

Note: Starting August 1, 2022, any card activation request for Amore Visa Prepaid cards will no longer be processed. Please activate your card immediately if you have not yet done so.

Where can I use my card?

You may use your Amore Visa Prepaid Card online and in-stores worldwide wherever Visa is accepted.

How do I make purchases in stores?

You may use your card to conveniently shop in Visa affiliated establishments here and abroad following these easy steps:

a. Present your Amore Visa Prepaid card to the cashier.
b. Affix signature in the sales slip for validation (signature verification) of transaction. However, if the cashier asks for the PIN, request for signature verification by pressing the enter button in the POS so transaction may push through.

You can also tap your Amore Visa Prepaid payWave card at Visa payWave merchants for easy and fast transactions. No need to sign a sales slip for transactions below Php 2000.

How do I make purchases online?

Transacting online is easy with your Amore Visa Prepaid Card. Select Visa Credit Card as mode of payment and follow the steps below:

1. Input your Prepaid Card details:

a. 16-digit Amore Visa Prepaid Card number
b. CVC 2/ Card Verification Value 2 (the last 3 digits found at the signature panel of your card)
c. Card Validity period

Confirm your transaction via OTP. Make sure your contact details are updated to receive the OTP for your online transactions.

What is a CVV / CVV2?

The CVV or Card Verification Value is a 3-digit code that can be found at the upper-right corner of the signature panel at the back of your Amore Visa Prepaid Card.

Can I use Amore Visa Prepaid Card in PayPal?

Yes, you can link your  Amore Visa Prepaid Card to your PayPal.

How do I link my card to my PayPal account?

When linking your Amore Visa Prepaid Card to PayPal, please make sure your card has at least Php 150 load. PayPal charges $1 to link your card to your PayPal account, and Php 100 when you confirm your card. After successfully confirming your card, PayPal will return the Php 100 to your PayPal account in the form of PayPal credits.

Follow the steps below in linking your card to PayPal:

1. Sign-up/Log-in to your PayPal account.
2. Click "Profile".
3. Select "Add/Edit Credit Card".
4. Select "Visa" as card type.
5. Enter your Amore Visa Prepaid details.
6. Click "Add Card"
7. Your Amore Visa Prepaid Card  is now viewable in your PayPal Profile. To finalize linking of your card to Paypal, click "Confirm My Card" to allow PayPal to send the 4-digit verification code you need.

To retrieve your 4-digit PayPal verification code, please view your card transaction history via BPI Online or BPI Mobile app (Card must be enrolled and viewable in Online Banking) or by sending a request with your 16-digit Amore Visa Prepaid Card Number via email to

Can I withdraw my funds from PayPal and transfer them to my card?

You may use your Amore Visa Prepaid Card to fund your PayPal account for purchases, but not to withdraw PayPal funds.

I used my card but my transaction was declined, what do I do?

For concerns regarding Amore Visa Prepaid Card transactions, please dial (+632) 889-10000 and our phone bankers will be happy to assist. We recommend that you always make sure your card has sufficient load prior to making purchases and verify that all card details and personal information you encoded online is correct before you finalize your online purchases to prevent getting declined transactions.

In case transactions are declined during in-store purchases, kindly request the cashier to use signature as verification (affixing signature in the sales/charge slip) when asked for PIN so that transaction may push-through.

Can I withdraw cash from my Amore Visa Prepaid Card at ATMs?

No. Amore Visa Prepaid Cards cannot be used at ATMs.

Can I withdraw over-the-counter at a BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branch?

Amore Visa Prepaid card has no withdrawal functionality. Therefore, over-the-counter transaction is not allowed.

Is there a charge every time I use my card?

BPI does not charge additional fees when you use your Amore Visa Prepaid Card for online and in-store purchases.

Charges only apply for in-store transactions abroad. There is a 2% charge for POS transactions abroad. All additional fees such as registration fees and surcharges dependent on the merchant's policy.

Who can I contact if I have inquiries or concerns regarding my prepaid card?

For inquires and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

BPI Prepaid Cards are not DEPOSIT PRODUCTS, and the value stored is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation and is not guaranteed by the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

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