K-Drama Spots in SoKor

If you’re like us and you’ve spent the past two years of quarantine binge watching K-Dramas and imagining you’re somewhere else entirely, this list is for you. 

With all the content from South Korea we’ve been consuming since the start of the pandemic, the country is definitely at the top of all our dream destinations once travel restrictions are lifted. Even if you’re not really a K-Drama fan and are just looking for new spots to visit the next time you fly, we’ve rounded up some of the most iconic and picturesque views so you can live like a K-Drama character amidst South Korea’s vibrant culture and storybook aesthetic.  

Cheonggyecheon Stream

This 11 km stream and plaza across Seoul is central to many K-Drama scenes the likes of Vincenzo, True Beauty, Lovestruck in the City, Do You Like Brahms, Flowers of Evil, Chicago Typewriter, Lovers in Prague, and many more. The bridge overlooking the restored stream is perfect for couples looking for a romantic stroll amidst the city’s night lights while admiring some of Korea’s best craftsmanship in traditional stonework from the Joseon Dynasty.  

Dae Jang Geum Park 

If you want to see more of South Korea’s history and culture, this park houses one of K-Drama’s most iconic palaces—where many historical dramas were filmed such as Joseon Exorcist, Mr. Queen, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, The King: Eternal Monarch, and even the music video for BTS rapper and songwriter Suga’s Daechwita. This is the largest historical film set in South Korea, located in the village of Yongcheon. 

Yongsan-gu, Seoul — Itaewon 

Many tourists describe Itaewon as a very foreigner-friendly area in Seoul, where international cuisine restaurants, shops, bars, and clubs can be found, and many residents are comfortable speaking English. It is where most of the popular Park Seo Joon drama Itaewon Class was filmed, and it brings together youthful nightlife and historical sites in one district. A whole day in Itaewon is sure to give you and the whole family an excuse to splurge, and with all the shops and restaurants around you, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it every step of the way. 

Incheon — Wonderbox (Paradise City)

In the heart of Incheon, Wonderbox takes visitors through a whimsical amusement park, indoors. So you never have to worry about the rain ruining your outfit, or the sun blinding you at the tallest rides. There is an entrance fee of ₩28,000 (~S$32.46) or roughly Php 1,210, but inside is a tourist attraction like no other with its circus-like atmosphere straight out of Hotel De Luna. Enjoy each site with the family, and when you’re done, explore the rest of Paradise City! 

Seoul Fortress Wall

Another iconic spot every visiting tourist should check out in South Korea is the Seoul Fortress Wall, which runs 18.6 km around the center of Seoul. It is also the location for many heartwarming scenes in dramas such as Run On, Do You Like Brahms?, Find Me In Your Memory, Itaewon Class, and Love Alarm. It reflects so much of Korean culture and history that casual strolls along the wall can already fuel one’s imagination with past monarchs and events. This site is also a great place for couples and families to enjoy, with buskers in the morning, and spectacular lights from the Seoul skyline at night. If you prefer to hang out in the mall, Doota, Hyundai City Outlet, and more shopping districts are just a few minutes away for your retail needs.

Flying to South Korea might still be a few months away, but it’s always a good idea to prepare your itinerary. Just grab your BPI Visa Signature, book a flight, and experience your own K-Drama moments right at the heart of the Hallyu wave!

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