• Bank From the Safety of Your Home
Bank from the safety of your home

Discover how you can manage your accounts from the comfort of your home with BPI Online and BPI Mobile App.

Enroll in BPI Online

Register to BPI Online via the mobile app and experience convenient and secure banking.

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Set up your mobile key

Turn on your mobile key for quicker and safer transactions.

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Transfer money via QR code

Learn how to send and receive money faster using QR codes.

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Pay bills to over 600 merchants

Enroll your billers online to pay your bills conveniently.

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Load your e-wallets

Learn how to load your e-wallets using the mobile app for your travel, shopping, and other needs.

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Access your electronic statements

Know how to view your current and previous electronic statements online.

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Adjust your BPI Debit Mastercard settings

Easily change withdrawal limits and other settings online.

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Reset BPI Online password

Know how to easily reset your password online.

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Track your investment accounts online

Enroll your investment account in BPI Online to easily manage your portfolio.

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Shop and Pay Online

Make your BPI Online account a new way to pay.

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Send money to other banks with ease

Enjoy real-time and hassle-free transfers to other banks via InstaPay.

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BPI encourages clients to be more cybersafe with digital security features

Be more cyber-secure and use our security features.

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