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Earn amazing rewards​ up to Php 100,000

Enjoy up to Php 100,000 rewards which you may use as Plan Ahead investment or deposit funds.

Promotion mechanics

Loan Amount​

BPI Deposit Fund Credits​

BPI Plan Ahead​

Deposit Fund Credits*

Php 500,000 to < Php 1Mn​

Php 10,000​


Php 1Mn to < Php 1.5Mn​

Php 20,000​

Php 50,000​

Php 1.5Mn to < Php 2Mn​

Php 30,000​

Php 60,000​

Php 2Mn to < Php 2.5Mn​

Php 40,000​

Php 80,000​

Php 2.5Mn and above​

Php 50,000​

Php 100,000​

*Borrower shall choose between BPI Deposit Funds Credits or BPI Plan Ahead Deposit Fund Credits. BPI Plan Ahead is a five-year time deposit with high interest rates fixed for the entire term. BPI Plan Ahead shall only be available as an option for Borrowers whose loan amount is Php 1Mn or higher.

Promo period: August 25, 2023 to September 30, 2023​

Booking period: December 31, 2023

​Promo Details​


Loan Amount​

Maximum loan amount shall be Php 2,850,000 ​

Loan Term​

Up to 30 years​


5% of Appraised Value or Total Contract Price;**  ​

Loan Purpose​

(i) acquisition of residential property; or (ii) refinancing for occupancy only ​

**Subject to bank’s developer tie-up agreement.
Terms and conditions

1. All applications shall be subject to BPI’s standard loan evaluation and approval process.​

2. The applicant agrees to abide by and comply with BPI’s rules and regulations.​

3. All applicants who wish to avail of the Promo authorizes BPI to collect, process, disclose, and retain personal data and account information to the extent described in BPI’s Data Privacy statement posted on, as the same may be amended or supplemented from time to time.​

4. Employees of BPI and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from joining the Promo. ​

5. BPI reserves the right to suspend or disqualify any person from further participation in the Promo if, in its judgement, that person has violated the terms and conditions herein. Suspension or disqualification may result in the revocation of all the benefits granted hereunder, specifically, the recovery of the full amount of the reward.​

6. The Terms and Conditions herein shall form an integral part of the Uniform Loan and Mortgage Agreement (“ULAMA”) and Credit Advice which the applicant will execute and deliver to BPI.​

7. No voluntary pre-termination shall be allowed within the first interest fixing period for the loans under this Promo.​

8. Applicants who choose BPI Deposit Fund Credits as their reward may nominate an existing deposit account or open a new deposit account to receive the fund credits. Applicants who choose BPI Plan Ahead Deposit Fund Credits as their reward must open a new account under that product.​

9. In the event of pre-termination or default, the applicant agrees to pay BPI the full amount of the reward.​

10. Should the applicant be declared in default under the terms of the ULAMA, BPI shall be entitled to foreclose the mortgage and/or to apply any amount on deposit or account with BPI or, to the extent allowed by law, any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, in reduction of amounts past due under the ULAMA and to recover the rewards.​

11. Other standard terms and conditions for BPI Housing Loans shall apply.​

12. This Promo is not valid in conjunction with other promos of BPI.​

13. These terms and conditions are subject to applicable laws and pertinent regulations and directives of any governmental authority vested with jurisdiction and authority over the applicant and BPI.​

14. In case of dispute in respect of BPI only and the applicant’s availment of the Promo, the decision of BPI with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.​

15. In no event will BPI be liable for special, indirect, incidental, and consequential damages arising from or in connection with the implementation of this Promo. ​

Customer support

For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.


DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-174398 Series of 2023​

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