Low risk investment

Low-risk investment

Receive fixed interest payments for your medium to long term goals.

 Flexible investment

Flexible investment

High returns with long-term negotiable certificates of time deposit.

Safer investments

Invest in government securities denominated in Philippine peso with fixed interest payments.

Private Securities

Diversify your portfolio by investing in companies from various industries.

BPI Rise Bonds

Invest in BPI RISE Bonds for MSMEs due 2024 for a minimum of Php 1 Million.
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BPI Php 100 Bn Bond Program 2019

Receive fixed interest payments with this low-risk investment.
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A flexible investment option for high returns with negotiable certificates of time deposit.
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Government Securities

Invest in securities issued by the Bureau of the Treasury.

Peso Bonds

We provide government securities denominated in Philippine Peso with fixed interest payments.
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ROP Bonds

Invest in government securities in US Dollars or Republic of the Philippines Bonds.
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Retail Treasury Bonds 25

Invest your money for 3 years in bonds and earn 2.375% interest per year.

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Market insights

Latest insights and investment opportunities

Stay updated on investment trends, market themes, and retirement insights.

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Savings account

Secure, manage, and grow your funds conveniently.
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Checking account

Our checking accounts let you simplify how you settle financial obligations and conveniently
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Debit card

Discover how you can do more with your debit card.
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Time Deposit Account

Protect your funds and get higher returns—no risk on your principal.
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Prepaid cards

A secure and hassle-free way to spend.
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