The principal for these fixed income investments are repaid to the investor at the end of a stated maturity date.

A government security (e.g. Treasury Bills) is a type of debt issued by the Philippine government through the Bureau of Treasury in order to finance spending on projects such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, among others.

Our current offerings of Peso-denominated government securities can be seen in the table below.

As of 7:32 AM, 21 September 2023

Treasury bills
SeriesTenor (Days)MaturityOffer
(Net of 20% WHT)
TBILL 12.20.238912/20/202398.65015.5350%4.4280%
TBILL 03.20.241803/20/202497..11805.9350%4.7480%
TBILL 09.18.243629/18/202494.27876.0350%4.8280%

Note: Offer rates are indicative gross rates and based on current opening yields. Broker's fee will apply. Please call for firm prices and volume.

Investments in bonds are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Company and are not guaranteed by the Bank of the Philippine Islands. All prices are indicative and subject to final pricing and available volume.

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