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  • BPI Insights: Our leaders try their hand at blogging

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BPI Insights: Our leaders try their hand at blogging

Yes, BPI’s leaders are now bloggers.

And their new blog is called BPI Insights. Nestled here in our website, this blog is where our leaders talk about their ideas, insights, or updates on various relevant topics.

It’s an avenue for us to connect with customers and key stakeholders in a less formal manner. Our first batch of executive bloggers all have something interesting and edifying to share.

Take for example, BPI President and CEO TG Limcaoco’s inaugural blog post. As the new leader of our august institution, people are curious about where he’s taking BPI in the next few years. It’s all in his blog post titled “Banking on a better Philippines”.

Undeniably, we are in the time of COVID-19. BPI Chief Human Resources Officer Gina Eala talks about what we are doing to protect the welfare of our employees so we can keep the business running, protect our clients, and get #VaccToNormal.

Our Chief Sustainability Officer Tere Marcial, in her article titled “Going green is also about going blue”, argues that protecting our seas is just as important as protecting our forests.

John-C Syquia, our BPI Head for Corporate Banking, makes the case for stronger collaboration between banks and their clients in his article titled “Forging stronger partnerships amid a drawn-out storm”.

BPI Family Savings Bank President Ginbee Go also shares some advice on saving for the rainy days in her article “To be a saver-for-life and to be a life-saver”.

Watch out for the next blog posts from BPI’s sharpest minds and most inspiring leaders—only on BPI Insights blog.

Just click on this link: https://www.bpi.com.ph/media/insights

Published on August 2021

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