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Banking on a better Philippines
Learn about BPI's five key imperatives and the bank's renewed focus on customer experience under the leadership of TG Limcaoco.

Covid-19 Initiatives

BPI's vaccination drive: Getting #VacctoNormal

The vaccination of BPI employees has begun. We are helping put an end to the pandemic by innoculating everybody as quickly as possible.

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Going green is also about going blue

Planting trees is important. But let's not forget our seas. They cover 70 percent of our world and supply 50 percent of our oxygen.

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Supporting Businesses

Forging stronger partnerships amid a drawn-out storm

In this pandemic, banks and their clients can only succeed when they work together. Morphing challenges and opportunities demand closer collaboration.

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Press Releases
Get the latest news on how we support financial inclusion, our digitalization journey, and more.
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