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My Reinvention Story
Read how BPI President and CEO TG Limcaoco found his way home to his dream job through a series of personal and professional reinventions, and how BPI plans to reinvent itself in its 170th year.

BPI, BFSB Merger

The case for #OneBPI

Why? Why not? What's the difference? Here are the answers to your questions about the merger.

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170th Anniversary

170 years of GRIT

G.R.I.T. – which represents Growth mindset, Risk management, Innovation, and Timeless purpose – sums up BPI’s existence for the last 170 years

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BPI’s “low-carb” diet

A "low-carb" diet is what we need. Low carbon emissions and, eventually, zero carbon emissions can help us avert environmental catastrophe.

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Press Releases
Get the latest news on how we support financial inclusion, our digitalization journey, and more.
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