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In this new world, BPI has become a lifeline to the millions of Filipinos when they need it the most.

Dr. Mikhail Lew Ver

Being in the medical industry requires constant interactions with my patients. In order to adapt to the new normal, I had to do my consultations online. It’s a good thing that my patients are able to settle their payments safely through cashless transactions. BPI’s online services provided me with the right mix of confidence and security when safety should be everyone’s top priority.

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Bing Gonzaga-Tapel

I run a small food business that makes savory Bicolano dishes. Being in this industry requires handling a lot of payments, and BPI has made it easy for me with its funds transfer via QR code. I no longer need to have cash on-hand, and I can worry less knowing that I’m contributing to lessening the spread of the virus.

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Ben Pasco

Kahit na may pandemya, tuluy-tuloy pa rin ang aking munting halo-halo business. Malaking tulong talaga ang BPI sa aking negosyo. Nakukuha ko ang bayad ng customer na walang nasasayang na oras dahil real-time ang fund transfer.

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Cynthia Aguda

As a newbie mompreneur in this difficult time, BPI's funds transfer via QR code has allowed me and my customers to accept and send payments safely and conveniently.

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Gel Rodriguez Tacuboy

We used to regularly join bazaars and conventions to sell our bottle cap accessories. Due to the pandemic, events like these have been put on-hold. However, this does not mean that our business has to stop. BPI has helped us adjust to these challenging times by making online transactions easier for us and our customers.

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Dr. Michael Villa

Due to the current pandemic, I have learned to adapt to the changing landscape of online banking. BPI Online has provided a platform that is simple and easy to navigate. My personal and professional transactions can be done online without worrying about unnecessary risk of exposure to the virus. Online banking, with its user-friendly navigation and services, is the financial management vaccine for both my current and post-COVID worlds.

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Chie Soriano

In light of the current health crisis, people are looking for ways to volunteer and help our frontliners. I am no exception, but as a parent, I have to prioritize my child's health and stay at home. Given the quick and easy contactless transactions BPI provides, I am able to send support to some of our dedicated heroes without compromising my daughter's health. Indeed, a little help goes a long way with BPI.

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Cristy Schneck

The quarantine limited a lot of things for everyone. So I got inspired to create an online village market to help people who cannot go out to buy essential goods. It was fortunate that most of us have BPI thus, making online transactions easy for everybody.

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Jolo Javid

I sell yoga mats as a hobby because I strongly believe in the importance of good physical and mental health. I’ve been receiving my payments through BPI’s funds transfer via QR code, and I’ve never been happier. Despite being in a pandemic, I’ve been able to continue helping people stay fit and healthy.

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Mariel Teaño

I have a small sushi bake business because I love to bake and it also allows me to provide food for friends who may be stuck at home during this time. BPI has helped me so much in enabling payments with its funds transfer via QR code.

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Kit Ang

My dad and I opened up a small fruit juice stand to earn some money to pay the bills. I’ve relied on BPI when it comes to collecting payments from my customers. In a time when we are forced to stay away from each other, BPI manages to keep us connected.

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Dana Campomanes

I wanted to fill our home with flowers to remind me of my late mother, that’s why I started arranging dried flowers as a hobby when quarantine started. I fell in love with this hobby and thought of putting up my business to share my passion with others who are looking for something to make their spaces warm and cozy. Starting a business in this period is not easy. Because of BPI, I’m able to manage my passion project even when I’m confined at home.

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Kia Ledesma Marquez

When the lockdown started, my friends and I would paint on pots to get rid of anxiety and to simply pass the time. Little did we know that this hobby of ours would grow to become a viable business! With BPI, I’m able to send a QR code to our customers for easy and real-time payments. I’m able to grow this passion project, while keeping everyone safe and happy at home.

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Arby Cuevas

My mom and I own a bakeshop, and sell bread to customers in our village. Due to the pandemic, customers stopped going to our store, and we were forced to close our bakeshop for the first time in 18 years. From a brick-and-mortar setup, we decided to move our business online, and BPI made this transition easier. We were able to accept orders and payments easily. BPI kept our business going despite the challenging times.

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