ROP Bonds
Diversify your investment portfolio with government securities denominated in US Dollars, or Republic of the Philippines Bonds.

As of 9:20 AM, 29 November 2021

ROP USD Denominated Bonds

Settlement Date: December 1, 2021

InstrumentTenor (Years)MaturityCouponOffer
Offer YTM
Republic of the Philippines
ROP 24 4.202.1401/21/20244.2000%107.4040.7057%
Republic of the PhilippinesROP 253.36
Republic of the PhilippinesROP 264.3303/30/20265.5000%117.0921.4164%
Republic of the PhilippinesROP 286.1702/01/20283.0000%107.2161.7598%
Republic of the PhilippinesROP 30 9.58.1702/02/20309.5000%155.8292.0441%
Republic of the PhilippinesROP 4018.1401/20/20403.9500%113.3732.9892%
Republic of the PhilippinesROP 4220.1702/02/20423.7000%111.0082.9704%
Republic of the PhilippinesROP 45 2.6524.0312/10/20452.6500%95.8662.8898%

Investments in bonds are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Company and are not guaranteed by the Bank of the Philippine Islands. All prices are indicative and subject to final pricing and available volume.

Understanding ROP Bond Prices

Tenor (years) / Maturity
Tenor refers to the length of time (in years) until a bond's maturity date.

Coupon Rate           
This refers to the original interest rate when the ROP was first issued. Clients will receive Principal (or face amount) x Coupon Rate every coupon rate payment period.
Offer Price           
This refers to the indicative price BPI is willing to offer (or sell) a particular security to an interested client. This is quoted as a percentage in relation to its par value. For example, a bond with an offer price of 110.25 is trading at 110.25% of its par value.
Yield to Maturity (YTM)           
Yield to maturity refers to the return on investment (ROI) for clients who will buy a certain ROP on a specific date based on the indicated price. It is important to note that YTM is only indicative.

Account Opening Requirements

Note: Additional documents may be required (e.g. corporate accounts)

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