Fixed Income Security Fees

Broker’s Fee*

Secondary Market (minimum trading amount of Php 100,000)

Type of ClientFee
Individual Client0.25% of face amount
Corporate Client0.15% of face amount

*To be charged on a per security basis

Treasury Bills and Bonds with tenors of less than 1 year

Type of ClientExistingNew Computations
(effective September 07, 2020)
Individual0.25% of face amountFace amount x 0.25% x term / 365
Corporate0.15% of face amountFace amount x 0.15% x term / 365

Service (Administration) Fee**

Face Amount

(in Php)


(in PHP)

20 Mn and up40,000
15 Mn and 19.99 Mn30,000
10 Mn to 14.99 Mn20,000
5  Mn to 9.99 Mn15,000
2 Mn to 4.99 Mn10,000
1 Mn to 1.99 Mn5,000
500,000 to 999,0002,500
200,000to 499,0001,000
100,000to 199,000500
Below 100,000500

**To be charged per annum on a per security basis and to be deducted from coupons

Adhoc Fees

Type of Fee


(in PHP)

SEC Earmarking of Government Securities10,000
Hold-out of Securities2,000/security
Non-trade Transfer of Securities500/security
Request for Certification100/security
SEC Earmarking10,000
IC Mandatory Reserve Earmarking1,000
QB Certification10,000


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