How much does it cost to furnish an apartment?

Apartments and condo units in the Philippines can come in many shapes and sizes. And while most have some appliances already in the space, majority of Filipinos will still have to do some furnishing to complete the unit.

So how much does it cost, and what are the big-ticket items to consider? Read on to learn about individual costs for each type of room.

The bedroom

At the top of list when it comes to cost is the bedroom, particularly when you have to purchase your own air-conditioning unit as well. Whether you’re going for a single, queen, or king size bed, the bed frame and mattress combined can easily exceed Php 10,000.

Air-conditioning units can range anywhere from Php 15,000 - Php 45,000, with the lower range for standard units, and the upper limit for inverter-type units which can save on electricity bills over the long run.

Smaller items to complete the space such as wardrobes and nightstands can add up to another Php 10,000.

Bedroom total: Php 35,000 to Php 65,000.

The living room

The living room usually centers around one big item — the sofa — and many smaller complimentary pieces. Sofas can start from Php 8,000 for a simple two-seater all the way to Php 30,000 for a large set with multiple pieces. A good size and brand TV can cost Php 20,000, plus another Php 5,000 for a TV stand with cabinets.

Living room cost: Php 33,000 to Php 55,000.


The kitchen space is composed of many small appliances. But don’t be fooled, these items can quickly add up to a big total if you don’t watch your spending.

A full stove can run anywhere from Php 15,000 to Php 40,000, while smaller tabletop stove set can be bought for Php 2,000 to Php 5,000.

Add microwaves (Php 4,000), toaster (Php 1,500), rice cooker (Php 1,500), and utensils, plates, and cooking ware (Php 4,000) to complete the basic kitchen.

Kitchen cost: Php 13,000 to Php 51,000.


Almost all bathrooms already have the basics (sink, toilet, shower) so this lowers costs. Of course, replacing these items will mean a bigger bill as well (Sink Php 2,000 to Php 10,000; toilet Php 5,000 to Php 15,000).

Installing a shower heater is probably the single biggest cost (Php 5,000 and up) while the rest of the bathroom items, such as curtains and mats can total to Php 2,000.

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