Stakeholder Engagement

Guided by our Credo, client trust is a fundamental pillar for us. As such, we always strive to understand our clients’ needs and address them effectively and adequately. Thus, high regard and strict adherence to values and ethics in the daily conduct of our business is of primary importance in all our dealings.

Acknowledging our stakeholders’ impact on our business and how they are directly impacted by it, we have set up formal platforms of engagement to help identify diverse matters that are relevant to them. This ensures a level and frequency of engagement appropriate for each stakeholder group.


How We Engage ThemTheir ConcernsHow We Respond
  • Daily customer touch points and branches, personnel, phone, e-mail, and social media channels
  • Annual and periodic satisfaction surveys
  • Regular visits to existing clients, including area briefings
  • Quality and availability of service
  • Accessible electronic services
  • Convenient, affordable, reliable, and efficient delivery of products and services
  • Relevant products suited to their needs, including transparent product requirements and processes
  • Competence of personnel to address concerns
  • Sound or customized financial advice
  • Turn-around time of applications
  • Data privacy
  • Proactive approach to client concerns (e.g. proper allocation of manpower resources, review of outsourcing services, set up of more effective contact centers, and continuous process improvements)
  • Constant monitoring and upgrade of systems
  • On-going personnel capacity building through product briefings, seminars, and trainings
  • Timely provision of customized feedback, advice and/or solutions to inquiries
  • Economic and product briefings, financial and investment education seminars


How We Engage ThemTheir ConcernsHow We Respond
  • Regular investor meetings and conference calls
  • Annual stockholders' meetings
  • Shareholder return
  • Financial performance
  • Business growth and continuity
  • Responsible financing
  • Transparent and timely disclosures


How We Engage ThemTheir ConcernsHow We Respond
  • Online portals, face-to-face meetings, and learning sessions
  • Annual performance appraisals
  • Periodic engagement survey
  • Town halls
  • Quarterly Labor Management Conferences
  • HR caravans
  • Capability building across all levels
  • Opportunities for career development
  • Clear understanding of the bank's strategy and direction
  • Pay for performance/meritocracy
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Work-life balance
  • Leadership development programs, Harvard management mentor (on-demand type of learning), moving towards digital learning
  • Career mobility and officers' development program, shortened time in rank average
  • Town hall meetings
  • Promotions, performance bonuses, and salary increases are tied to performance, non-financial rewards
  • Salary reviews to ensure competitiveness of compensation against market
  • Semi-flexible work hours (head offices)
  • Rewards and recognition programs are anchored on reinforcing the core values of the Bank

Suppliers and Contractors

How We Engage ThemTheir ConcernsHow We Respond
  • Accreditation
  • E-mails, letters, and memos
  • Weekly meeting with facility maintenance agencies
  • Monthly meeting with security agencies
  • Procurement policies (requirements, criteria for evaluation)
  • Other procurement-related concerns (cost, terms of payment, mode of shipment, warranties)
  • Cascade of policies
  • Real-time updates

Regulatory Agencies

How We Engage ThemTheir ConcernsHow We Respond
  • Annual bank examination
  • Regular audits and follow-up (e.g. BIR, DOLE)
  • Regular correspondence through letters and e-mail (Interaction with regulators must only be made by authorized and appropriately trained individuals. This covers all forms of communications, whether formal, informal or social interaction in relation to the Bank's  business including any kind of correspondence such as in-person, electronic media and/or written correspondence.)
  • Compliance with relevant national laws and regulations, including BSP regulations and guidelines
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Feedback on the Bank's operations
  • Transparent and timely disclosures/reports
  • Report on compliance to regulations
  • Conduct of external and internal audits
  • Formal explanations and responses to queries (The bank has established policies to protect interests of regulators: Related Party Transactions Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Whistleblower Policy, Insider Trading Policy. It also has a policy for dealings with regulators: Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy.)

Communities, Non-Government, and Civil Society Groups

How We Engage ThemTheir ConcernsHow We Respond
  • Partnerships and agreements
  • Regular correspondence through e-mails, letters, memos, meetings, text message, phone calls
  • Updates through the website, social media pages, print/online platforms
  • Assessment and feedback on partnership and engagement
  • Partners' Night
  • New projects and initiatives
  • Update and expansion of existing projects
  • Takeaways from activities conducted
  • Opportunities for capacity building and access to financial and non-financial resources
  • Responsible financing
  • Organize events for beneficiaries and external partners, such as workshops, summits, symposiums, etc.
  • Accomplishment reports
  • Attendance in meetings and real-time updates