What sustainability means for BPI

More than just attaining financial returns, BPI strives to achieve sustainability by creating shared value for its clients, shareholders, and society as a whole. For BPI, sustainability means providing opportunities for financial wellness for individuals, communities, and businesses from different economic backgrounds, as well as financing geared towards a greener economy and society. The bank also promotes greener business practices through sharing technical expertise and supporting the ecosystem of sustainable development.


Sustainability reporting is a means to present the bank’s non-financial performance to its stakeholders. Reporting on the environmental, social, and governance performance promotes transparency and accountability to its employees, clients, investors, and the public.

2019 Report Highlights

Our Sustainability Strategy Framework highlights how our products and services create shared value for our clients, shareholders, and society as a whole. An enhanced risk-managed delivery infrastructure is in place to ensure efficient delivery of the value we create. Key to the framework as well is how we manage our environment and social capitals to ensure long-term sustainability. Read our 2019 Integrated Report for more information.

By embedding corporate social responsibility into our business and processes, we link our non-financial performance with our business strategy. This enables us to focus our efforts on long-term drivers of growth that contribute to the success of our Bank and progress for society as a whole. BPI Foundation, the Bank’s social development arm, works towards improving the social and economic well being of Filipinos through education, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. BPI is mainstreaming corporate responsibility to bring about positive and sustainable change.

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
BPI promotes investments in businesses, industries, and projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We do this in the form of loans, capital raising, leasing arrangements, technical support, and client education. In 2019, the Bank financed Php 242.93 billion projects identified contribute to the SDGs.

BPI Sustainable Funding Framework

BPI has developed a Sustainable Funding Framework (“Framework”) under which we intend to issue Green, Social, and/or Sustainability Bonds and/or Loans to fund selected projects. The Framework fulfils the requirements of the Green and Social Bond Principles, administered by the ICMA, and is aligned with the ASEAN Green, Social, and Sustainability Bond Standards.

BPI Sustainable Funding Framework

BPI Sustainable Funding Framework Second-Party Opinion

BPI Sustainability Office
Our Sustainability Office ensures that sustainability practices are embedded in each of our business groups. The BPI Sustainability Office (BSO) is composed of a dedicated team of people who drive, monitor, and measure our sustainability performance. The BSO also seeks to inculcate a sustainability mindset in all unibankers and the wider community. Through different employee engagement projects such as learning sessions, recyclables fairs, awareness campaigns, and training modules, the Bank builds a culture that encourages practicing a sustainable lifestyle and workplace.

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