The bank's Credo holds that BPI's first responsibility is to our clients. If we understand and address clients' financial needs, we will be trusted with their most important financial transactions, and we will build lasting relationships. We do well when our clients do well. We continue to focus on how we respond more effectively to the customers' financial needs. We strive to deepen our understanding of customer expectations to allow us to improve the way we do business.

In line with our commitment to deepen client relationships, we focus on the excellence of our service. Our Products & Services teams work to design and deliver financial products that address specific top-of-mind needs, and in ways clients find accessible, convenient, and efficient. In so doing, we also adhere to our mission of financial inclusiveness to an ever growing base of Filipino clients.

For Asset Management, we employ highly trained and experienced investment professionals, who follow a rigorous process that delivers superior risk-adjusted returns over a time horizon established by our clients. We also employ state-of-the-art technology to construct and risk-manage portfolios, provide reports, and engage in planning and distribution.

In Retail Lending, the bank promotes easy access to its retail lending products through a dedicated website, and supports the applications with credit scoring and processing systems that enhance our responsiveness to clients.

For Corporate Lending, we offer a diverse range of lending products to corporate clients, including short term inventory and trade financing, term facilities for the financing of capital expenditures or acquisitions, project financing as well as innovative specialized lending products.

BPI also establishes strategic partnerships for customers' bancassurance needs and also offers a comprehensive array of bills and supplier payment services, both electronic and in-branch. It also continues to develop products and services in transaction banking and investment banking.

Financial Product Governance. BPI is committed to ensuring that its customers have all the information they need and the right advice to make decisions about their finances. Whenever the Bank develops a new product, it follows a stringent process to ensure it is described fully and accurately and sold responsibly. The Bank has an overarching General Product Management Policy, supported by a Product Approval Process, as well as procedures for Client Suitability Assessment. Product branding, as well as marketing communications and promotions are also conducted in accordance with set standards. Employees of business units that are involved in the development and delivery of the Bank’s products and services undergo the requisite training to acquire and enhance their skills and competencies.

Through these guidelines and activities, the Bank ensures that customer experience is consistent across all channels and the delivery of its products and services is compliant with regulations. Operating policies and procedures supporting the delivery of products and services are evaluated at least annually to identify areas for improvement and product or service gaps. Risk management, compliance, and assurance activities are also regularly conducted to monitor and ensure integrity of these policies and processes, and financial product governance.

Financial Consumer Protection Program. In 2015, the Bank, established its Customer Experience Management Office (CXMO) as part of the BPI Financial Consumer Protection Program required under BSP Circular No. 857. In compliance with the circular, BPI’s CXMO created the Customer Assistance Program (CAP) to build an enabling environment and to define safety nets for recognition and protection of consumer rights. The CAP promotes a culture of fair dealing and embeds responsible business practices in the Bank’s operations, in accordance with the BSP’s consumer protection regulations and standards of conduct. The CAP also equips Bank employees with the required education and training, and institutionalizes appropriate communication avenues as well as mechanisms for consumers to be able to provide feedback, ask questions, obtain information and clarifications, file complaints, or seek redress effectively and efficiently.

The CXMO is led by the Head of Customer Care and reports, functionally, to the Board through the Executive Committee and, administratively, to the Chief Operations Officer, who also heads the Bank’s Enterprise Services Group. The CXMO reports to the senior management and the Board every month.

The Bank complies with product and service information and labeling regulations and voluntary codes for consumer protection such as the Banking Code for Consumer Protection of the Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines (BMAP) and its Council of Advisors and product governance such as Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II). BPI has also continuously taken corrective and remedial action in case of any deficiencies or areas for improvement.

In 2018, there were no confirmed incidents of noncompliance.

In terms of service architecture, the bank's active engagement with clients is done through:

Customer care department. This department is dedicated to handling customer feedback received through any of our customer feedback channels, and undertakes appropriate action on customer complaints.

Customer care events. The bank undertakes events that promote financial wellness and dispense financial advisory to clients. Recent events include, among others, briefings and fora on the ASEAN economic integration, personal finance seminars with international and Philippine-based speakers, and regular talks on investing in the stock market.

Contact center and website. Feedback from our clients is obtained through the contact center, reachable through the BPI hotline 889-10000, and through our website, BPI Express Online. Clients may make use of the e-mail feedback form available in the website.

Social media. The bank has Facebook and Twitter accounts— and @TalktoBPI—through which clients may reach us for their customer service concerns. Through social media, we are also able to disseminate service advisories and other customer service information.

Mobile app. BPI dominates the mobile digital space with its BPI Express Mobile, which allows us to extend the reach of our services. The app allows clients to, among others, carry out their day-to-day transactions, view their statement of account, and browse rates and promos.