Board Matters

As the highest governance body of the Bank, our Board’s mandate is to provide challenge, oversight, and advice to ensure that we are doing the right things in the right way, underpinning the delivery of long-term sustainable success. The Board of Directors provides direction and creates the framework within which the Bank’s management and operating levels, under its President and Chief Executive Officer, can lead the business and deliver the agreed strategy.

Led by the Chairman, the Board sets the strategy and risk appetite for the Bank and approves capital and operating plans presented by management for the achievement of its most fundamental, strategic objectives: to promote and enhance shareholder value of BPI and to generate reasonable yet superior returns on risk capital.

In addition, considering BPI’s role in the group as parent and publicly-listed company, our Board ensures that management maintains an effective, high-level risk management and oversight process across other companies in the group. The Board takes into consideration what is appropriate for the group’s business and reputation, the materiality of the financial and other risks inherent in the business and the relative costs and benefits of implementing specific controls. The Board is also the decision-making body for all other matters of such importance as to be of significance to the group, as a whole, because of their strategic, financial, regulatory or reputational implications or consequences.

The Board exercises its powers and duties in the best interest of the Bank, its clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders including: reviewing and approving the Bank’s mission, vision, strategies and objectives; appointing senior executives and confirming organizational structures; approving enterprise-wide policies and procedures; monitoring business and financial performance; overseeing risk management frameworks and risk appetite, and; fostering regulatory compliance.